Tuesday, 8 July 2014


Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal says what you are undergoing now is a result of your past actions. Similarly what you do now will determine your future (birth). That would mean that the future (birth) is in our hands.

To illustrate this point let us go into the future. Let us move ahead 100 years from now. Let us suppose I have taken rebirth again. Let us suppose I am born into a Hindu family again. Assuming I was going through troubles, facing problems or was ill. Let us suppose I had gone to see a Nadi reader for a solution. Agathiyar would refer to this present day as my past birth then. Agathiyar would then scan through my past births (including the present times) and reveal it to me. Agathiyar would most likely have this to say: 

"Dear son, the reason you are born again is because of your past karma. In the past birth you were born in Malaysia to Avadaiyappa and Valliammai; you had 6 siblings, a wife and two kids; you were in my path; you worshiped me and the Siddhas; you had two gurus, Supramania Swami and Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal; you had helped spread my word through Siddha Heartbeat but at the same time certain actions of yours brought on fresh karma and these karmas needed to be exhausted. As a result you are born now and undergoing these sufferings."

Now let us come back to the present moment. What Agathiyar implies in the above fictitious Nadi revelation is that if I have a good track record now in the present, the future would take care of its self. Which means I have to carry out my activities to my best ability so that I need not come back to finish them again. Which also means that I need to pay back all my debts now so that I need not come back again to settle them. Which also means I need to forgive myself and others too so that I need not come back to forgive them in the next birth. Which means the future (birth) is in our hands. Simply said we are molding our own life's. All the ingredients for a future (birth) is being thoroughly mixed in the present space and time by us, and us alone.

We can change the present moment and enhance our future (birth). We can live fully in the present moment and be assured of a better future (birth). Live the present moment with full awareness and the future (birth) will take shape accordingly. 

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