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A beautiful depiction of a Nadi reading painted by Saravanan Palanisamy of Malaysia
Agathiyar and the Siddhas have conveyed much to me through the Nadi. I would like to share with readers of Siddha Heartbeat, some of the Siddhas' expectations towards their disciples. For those well versed in Tamil can follow the audio of these Nadi readings at at the bottom of this post (Siddha Heartbeat Audio Player).

The Siddhas have touched on many matters among them:

On The Path Of The Siddhas

The Siddhas assure the disciples that the path of the Siddhas is THE path. They want their disciples to live the life of a Siddha and by doing so the Siddhas attest that their disciples shall live like Sivam too. The Siddhas ask that they live with pride on becoming a disciple and having chosen to follow their path. 

Agathiyar's commandments were as follows: 
1. Let the disciples establish themselves firmly in the path of the Siddhas.
2. Let them be faithful to this path.
3. Let God’s name flow through the breath of these disciples.
4. Let their thoughts be centered and revolve around the Siddhas day and night.
5. Let them receive and follow the advice and guidance of Siddhas with devotion.
6. Let them invite the Siddhas to their homes and make them a part of their family too.
7. Let them call out to the Siddhas when confronted with danger (And they shall be protected)
8. Let them admire the Siddhas and decorate them in the heart’s eye. (The Siddhas too shall decorate the disciples similarly)
9. Let them research into the reasons for taking birth.
10. Let them spread the Siddha teachings.
11. Let them never miss the worship of Siddhas at their homes.
If their disciples adhere to these commandments, the Siddhas are then greatly moved by the devotion of the disciples and promise much in return.
1. The Siddhas shall perform miracles just for their disciples. Visions and miracles shall take place at the abodes, caves and samadhis of Siddhas. The disciples shall witness miracles happen at their homes too.
2. The Siddhas shall appear to their disciples.
3. The Siddhas shall live in the disciples; The disciples shall become one with the Siddhas; God shall then live in their disciples. 
4. The Siddhas shall show their disciples the path.
5. The disciples become a true friend and will be highly regarded by the Siddhas.
6. The Siddhas shall love the disciples as much as their disciples love them.
7. Once their disciples come to this path, others around them too shall follow suite. Family members and others shall benefit from their disciples associations with the Siddhas. The family and others too shall have the blessings of Siddhas.
8. The Siddhas shall care for their disciples and their families. The Siddhas shall grace their disciples' homes.
9. The Siddhas proudly declare that great saints shall live with their disciples. When the Siddhas are established in the homes of their disciples, then the disciples have no need to spend their lifes at any ashram. Instead the Siddhas shall visit the disciples' homes then.
10. The Siddhas shall tests the loyalty of their disciples occasionally but they will never let down their disciples.
11. The Siddhas shall witness and advice the disciples on prayers and meditation.
12. For those who follow their path, the Siddhas give assurance that their disciples' wishes shall come true. All the disciples' efforts will pay off. The disciples shall see much progress come their way. The disciples' aspirations shall be realized. The disciples' asking shall be granted.
13. The Siddhas shall provide the disciples the knowledge to spell away ignorance.
14. The Siddhas shall be present in the disciples' thoughts, word and deed.
15. The disciples shall realize joy and bliss each day.
16. The disciples shall attain a sweet voice, youth, and clarity of thought through prayers to Siddhas.
17. The Siddhas shall send their messengers to deliver their word to their disciples.
18. Their disciples shall realize the reason for their birth.
19. The Siddhas shall be a life long companion to their disciples. Just as the parents takes care of the child, the Siddhas shall take care of their disciples.
20. The disciples shall receive the grace of the Siddhas immediately.
On The Guru
1. The Siddhas ask that the disciples fulfill the responsibilities and dues towards their Guru
full hearted, without second thought and without mistake.
2. The Siddhas remind their disciples to choose the right Guru who shall lead them further on.
3. They remind their disciples to chant the name of their Guru daily.
4. They add that if that is not possible, to allocate a day in the week in prayer for their Guru.
5. They reveal that, Gurus come around so that their disciples shall know the truth. The truth shall be revealed through their Guru.
6. The Siddhas encourage their disciples to gain merits by visiting Gurus and places of worship. And they ask that their disciples be patient for the time will come when this transmission takes place.
7. The Siddhas promise their disciples, that they shall be protected from harm.
On The Nadi
1. The Nadi is a means of communication between the Siddhas and their disciples.
2. The Siddhas give instructions through these Nadis
3. All those who come in search of the Nadi have the blessings of the Siddhas.
4. The Siddhas tell their disciples never belittle the Nadi readings for it is sacred.
On Worship
1. The Siddhas ask that their disciples help finance the building of temples and other places of worship.
An excellent example is that of the Siddha Korakar who advised the presiding King of Tanjore, Raja Cholan to build a temple to counter the karma that he had gain when he went to war with the neighboring states. Korakar personally supervised the construction and completion of this temple known as Breehadeswar temple.
2. The Siddhas encourage their disciples to visit and pray at their abodes and dwellings. The Siddhas assure that happiness shall prevail in the lives of their disciples as a result of these daily prayers to the Siddhas.
3. Their advice to their disciples is that they need to be steady in their mission and undertaking even when confronted with people who shall shake their very faith. The disciples are advised not to heed these harsh and discouraging words but instead to carry on with their prayers.
4. There is much good in prayers, the Siddhas assure their disciples. All the disciples' problems shall be relieved step by step through prayers. They are reminded not to give up on prayers. "Worship Siddhas and attained much", remind the Siddhas. The disciples are encouraged to recite the Maha Mantra – ARUTPERUNJHOTI, ARUTPERUNJHOTI, TANIPERUNKARUNAI, ARUTPERUNJHOTI. The Siddhas asks of their disciples to recite the names of the Siddhas too.
Yogi Ramsuratkumar chants his name. He asks that his disciples chant his name too. The Yogi always reminded others around him of the significance of his Name. He repeatedly said, "This name Yogi Ramsuratkumar is not this beggar’s name. It is my Father’s Name. My Father has invested in this Name. Whoever remembers this name my Father will come to their rescue. Catch hold of the Divine Name and go on doing your work in the world. That’s enough. Remember this beggar’s Name, Yogi Ramsuratkumar. You need not do any other rituals other than chanting the Name Yogi Ramsuratkumar. If you remember this Name, you need not worry about your spiritual growth. My Father will take care of you. My Father will see that you will reach my Father safely.
5. The Siddhas request their disciples to chant Lord Murugan’s name too, for it is LIGHT. Bliss and joy is acquired by chanting the Lord’s name, they say. The Siddhas mention that they too are in the form of light in this world.
6. The Siddhas request that their disciples spread their teachings.
7. The disciples are requested to stay on this path. The disciples are to continue consistently with their spiritual practices that their disciples are currently following. They are advised not to get distracted.
8. Their disciples are encouraged to conduct research, continue the aforementioned practices, prayers, and rituals to their utmost ability without any error.
On Pilgrimages
1. The Siddhas asks that their disciples perform prayers at temples to appease the planets and to garland the Gods so as to please them.
2. The Siddhas encourage their disciples to go on pilgrimages that would help change their perception of God and through these pilgrimages come to know and learn more about the Siddhas. Some spots and persons which are a must (visit) are Thiruvanamalai, Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal in Kallaru, Thavathiru Rengaraja Desigar in Thuraiyore, Palani and Bhogar's Samadhi, Agathiyar's temple at Agasthiyampalli, and the caves in Courtalam, Pothigai and Sathuragiri.
3. The Siddhas assure their disciples that they shall wait with open arms for their arrival.  The Siddhas promise that they shall receive their disciples and accompany them on their pilgrimages to these shrines, caves and samadhi.
On Yoga
1.The Siddhas advocate the practice of Thega Sudhi, and other breathing techniques (Pranayama). They say, preferably, these practices should be enhanced through their Gurus. The disciples are to practice meditation daily as a result of which they shall gain full concentration.
2. The Siddhas mention that the disciples need to just concentrate on their meditation while the Siddhas shall take care of their disciples' other needs.
3. To enable advancement in the disciples' practices and meditation, the disciples are requested to sit on a seat made of wood during meditation initially, to place a white cloth above it and to meditate for twelve minutes daily with eyes shut and the sight focused between the brows, chanting the Siddhas' names.
4. To progress further in their spiritual endeavors, their disciples are to meditate sitting on the Tharpai grass. The Siddhas assure their disciples that they shall receive great benefits from these practices. Their thinking ability shall improve. Their temper shall be gone. Their health shall improve. Their body shall become robust. Their disciples shall gain clarity. Their disciples shall see changes during these stages of meditation and prayer and shall attain knowledge and speech attributes and others benefits through meditation.
5. Their disciples shall achieve the highest meditation through the path of the Siddhas. The Siddhas assure their disciples that they shall gain all the Siddhis that the Siddhas and elders have attained.
6. The Siddhas assure that all their disciples efforts and practices shall not be in vain.
Supramania Swami too tells me all our effort shall not go to waste and encourages me with these words, "We shall continue from where we left. We shall keep on polishing until we bring out the shine in us".
On Food
1. The Siddhas recommend consuming pure, satvic and natural food and avoid excessive salt, sweet, sour and pungent attributes in the food. They advise their disciples to adhere to these requirements since when meditating excessive heat would arise in the body of their disciples. The disciples' bodies shall generate heat due to yogic practices. Since heat shall increase hence there is a need to take only satvic foods to counter the heat.
On Morality

The Siddhas remind their disciples to drop the following:
1. Do not worry.
2. Do not fear.
3. Do not be sad.
4. Do not cry any more. Weep no more.
5. Control anger (as temper shall destroy all merits gained through meditation).
6. Do not utter harsh words (as they shall take shape and so they warn their disciples).
The Siddhas encourage their disciples to engage in the following positive activities.
1. Do good.
2. Be joyful.
3. Be truthful.
4. Meditate.
5. Be compassionate.
6. Feed the poor and the animals.
7. Help the needy.
8. Do charity.
9. Live a life of virtue.
10. Disciples need to fulfill their responsibilities towards their families and their nation.
11. Be pure at heart (and their disciples shall be at peace).
12. They also say that, when their disciples are truthful, they shall face challenges. In those circumstances do nothing, and their disciples shall see bliss, they assure them.
13. They advise their disciples to take things one step at a time.
14. The Siddhas always remind their disciples to conduct prayers.
On Marriage
1. The Siddhas encourage their disciples to marry and carry out their responsibilities towards their families. They ask that their disciples walk the path to Godhead without deserting the irfamilies. The Siddhas never called for seclusion of oneself. On the contrary Siddhas remind their disciples not to neglect their families and responsibilities but to attend to both worlds, the material and spiritual.
As M. Govindan says, "They challenge us not to turn our backs on the world in our quests for spiritual enlightenment", Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal too told me once that it was not sufficient that I work towards enlightenment; I had to bring the family to the shores of enlightenment too.
These are the simple advise from the ever compassionate Siddhas. When the disciples adhere to these advise, the disciples shall see the results. The disciples shall see positive and clear changes in them. The disciples are assured that they shall see changes taking place.


This blog postings are those of beginners who have taken the first step exploring the mysterious & mystical world of Siddhas. It is purely about devotion (Bakthi) and miracles. For those who think or feel that they have advanced spiritually and passed these initial, preliminary and primary stages, please reserve your comment.