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As today, 12.7.2014, is Guru Purnima, Velayudham Karthikeyan has posted more revelations from Agathiyar in his blog Siththan Arul.

In the Lord's cycle of creation, Shiva had to feed his creations. Hence the grain was created. Devi Asha Aswini appeared before the Lord. The Lord dictated her to create the grain to feed the rests of his creations. Devi started immediately on the task given by Shiva. She tapped the thoughts of all the Rishis, Devas, Gandharvas and servants of the Lord throughout the many planes, created a single thought and asked that both Hari and Haran transfer their energy onto that single grain that came to be known as Arisi. To protect the grain Devi created the husk too. Hence the paddy became the first grain to be created. 

Next Devi wanted to multiply that single grain of rice and produce a variety of grains too. She invited the one who had the most noblest thoughts among those gathered, to step forward and receive the single grain. But sadly no one came forward. Devi then prayed that Agathiyar should step forward as she knew he was the right candidate to receive and multiply that single grain of rice. 

அகத்தினுள் இருந்து அழகாய் ஆர்பவித்து 
எழுந்து நின்ற எண்ணிலா ஈசர்க்கும் பட்டம் சூட்டி 
எண்ணத்தில் கலந்து எண்ணத்தை சுத்தமாக்கி
அத்தனை சுத்தமும் அற்புதமாய் தேர்ந்தெடுத்த 
என் மகனே அகத்தியா! வா!

Agathiyar took a form that scaled the heavens and earth. Shining with luminosity, Agathiyar received the divine grain in his hands. The grain shone brilliantly. Within a moment of a wink the grain multiplied, hovering between the earth and the sky, much like numerous mountain ranges. 

Lord Shiva blessed the event mentioning that Agathiyar rose from him and that Agathiyar was a gift to mankind from Shiva. Shiva mentions further that he and Agathiyar were one. 

பரம்பொருளான சதாசிவன் நகைத்தான். "பார்த்தீர்களா இந்த அற்புதத்தை. இந்த அகத்தியன் என்னிடமிருந்து உதித்தவனே! அவன் என் பூர்ணாம்ச அவதார மூர்த்தியே! என் பாகத்திலிருந்து பிரிந்த சித்தர்குல நாயகனாய், நான் உங்களுக்கு அளிக்கும் பரிசு, இந்த அகத்தியன். நானே அவன்" என்று அருளினார்.

The various grains that Agathiyar produced was to form the entire plant kingdom. That's the reason all plants bow to Agathiyar and reveal their composition and benefits for the well being of mankind.

On a similar note a leper approaches the Asura King Kuberan to feed him. Although his nation was facing a great famine due to an extensive period of drought, he turned away the stranger.  Eventually upon hearing that his subjects were being feed by the same man who approached him the King seeks him out. His subjects were fed by the man with food on condition that they chant Agathiyar's name. Sitting in the midst of his subjects and in the presence of the stranger the King contracts leprosy. After taking a few morsels of food from the stranger the King who was down with leprosy is cured. To show his gratefulness the King builds the very first temple for Agathiyar in this age of Kali. This episode was revealed to Dr VM Jayapalan of Bangalore in his meditation. Listen to the Dr narrate this episode in the following video.

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