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A beautiful portrayal of the episode at Siththan Arul by Saravanan Palanisamy
Today's revelation by Agathiyar posted on Siththan Arul by Velayudham Karthikeyan serves to warn and caution us about greed and its repercussions.

A young man stood in front of the Jeeva Nadi Guru from Chennai. He had accumulated excessive debts. The lad was employed as an Engineer with a software company. His monthly salary was just sufficient to service the interest on these debts. He seeked Agathiyar and the Nadi for a way out of his financial problem. When asked further how he landed in this mess, he said he had a desire to amass property and money since young. He had succumb to a scamp by a foreign company that promised him a very large amount of money.

Upon responding to the offer, a man and a woman approached him, showing a cheque for the promised amount made out to the lad's name. But there was a condition laid on him. He had to come up with a certain amount upfront before the cheque would be delivered to him. They promised to return that amount too.

The lad convinced his parents and brother too. He sold all their jewellery and their land. As it was still insufficient, he sold his father's house too. He borrowed money too. He had to come up with the said amount of money in a week's time. After a week they met up. As he could not gather the required amount they gave him a grace period of another 10 days, taking the amount that he already had on hand. Eventually after a month he managed to trade off the balance with the cheque. When he deposited the cheque to his account the cheque bounced back. He realized the cheque was a dummy and it was all a hoax and the company did not exist. Realizing he had been tricked he tried to commit suicide twice. But he survived. 

The Jeeva Nadi Guru asked Agathiyar for guidance through the Jeeva Nadi. Agathiyar gave the lad a piece of his mind.

"This lad due to his desires took the shortcut to richness by adopting a wrong path. He should have consulted with others before taking this move. Agathiyar refuses to acknowledge this weakness on his part as fate or destiny. His greed is the reason his family and he are in this mess. His younger brother had to leave the home because he could not face the shame. He is supposed to have committed suicide too, according to the villagers, right?"

Agathiyar reveals further. His parents too will eventually end up with the decision to end their life's, unable to stomach these debts. But the most compassionate Agathiyar says his parents should not be penalized for his mistakes, and decides to to help them. Agathiyar shows him a way out of his financial problem.

Agathiyar directed him and his parents to go on a pilgrimage of all the six abodes of Lord Murugan. During this journey of his, a miraculous incident will take place assured Agathiyar. He was asked to return to Agathiyar again.

But the lad said he had no more money on him. The Jeeva Nadi Guru assured the lad to have faith on Agathiyar and Agathiyar will show the means and a way. 

After two months he appeared again. He told the Jeeva Nadi Guru that he had just returned from the pilgrimage the day before. He disclosed what had taken place during the pilgrimage. Before starting on the pilgrimage, as he needed money to travel, and since no one came to his assistance, he prayed at the Vadapalani Murugan Temple in Chennai for guidance. He passed out. On opening his eyes he saw a bag near him. Inside the small bag was jewellery. As no one claimed it, he thought it was Lord Murugan's answer to his prayer and took possession of it. He pawned it for cash and made the pilgrimage, promising to redeem and return the jewellery to the donation box at the temple once his woes were over. At the last leg of his pilgrimage a very wealthy stranger came up to his parents and asked if the lad would marry his daughter. The stranger explained that as his daughter was a victim of polio, no one wanted to marry her. The lad agreed. He had settled all his debts and was living a satisfied life. 

Now he was seeking Agathiyar's advise if the decision he made was right. Agathiyar in the Nadi gave him the green light.

I have personally received many dubious and suspicious mails and messages. Here is one of the numerous messages.
Dear Beloved one,I am Mrs Nicole Marois, and i have been suffering from ovarian cancer disease and the doctor says that i have just two days to leave.I am from (Paris) France but based in Africa Burkina Faso since eight years ago as a business woman dealing with gold exportation.Now that i am about to end the race like this,without any family members and no child, I have $3 Million US DOLLARS in Africa Development Bank(ADB)Burkina Faso which i instructed the bank to give (St Andrews Missionary Home) in Burkina Faso, But my mind is not at rest because i am writing this letter now through the help of my computer beside my sick bed.I also have $4.5 Million US Dollars at (ECO BANK PLC) here in Burkina Faso and i instructed the bank to transfer the money to the first foreigner that will apply to the bank after i have gone that they should release the fund to him/her,but you will assure me that you will take 50% of the money and give 50% to the orphanages home in your country for my heart to rest with GOD.Return back to me immediately if you can handle this transfer project on my behalf before death cross my way so that i will send to you a copy my international passport which you will show to the bank to make the bank know that i instructed you to contact them for the transfer of my fund with them to you, and also give to you the bank contact information so that you will apply for the transfer of the fund and fulfill my dream of building orphanage home in your country, waiting to hear from you through my private email address, (............................).

Yours fairly friend,Mrs Nicole Marois.
My Hospital Room Telephone Number (...........................).
Similarly touching on our concern, sympathy and charitable nature, someone hacked into a friends account and posted an SOS as if he was in trouble. Here is the message I received.
Hi, I'm writing this with great grievance . I'm presently in London, United Kingdom with my Family for a short vacation and we're stuck...And really it was unannounced. We were attacked by four armed robbers on our way back to the hotel where we lodged.we were robbed and completely embarrassed. All our cash,credit cards and cellphone were stolen. We've reported the incident to the embassy and the Police but to my dismay they seem not bothered...their response was just too casual.Our flight leaves in few hours but We've got to settle our bills before We're allowed to leave....Now am freaked out....Please I need you to loan some money,I promise to refund you as soon as I'm back home.. . Please Let me know what you can do?Write me back so I can tell you how to get it to me.. Thanks
and the message was signed off as my friend!

So be aware and do not fall for these gimmicks.

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