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A lady seeks out Agathiyar to help her 26 year old son come out of his drinking habit and addiction of 7 years to ganja , in today's (24.7.2014) episode of Velayudham Karthikeyan's Siththan Arul. The Jeeva Nadi Guru of Chennai assures the lady that Agathiyar shall save her child and starts reading the Nadi. 

On reading the Nadi, Agathiyar tells him secretly that he (the Nadi Guru) has placed him in a fix, for the lad's condition was bad and he was nearing his death and there was no way he could survive. Agathiyar apprehends the Nadi Guru for going over the board and promising the lady that all shall be fine. 

On inquiring further, the lady told the Nadi Guru that she had sought medical care. While under the care and watchful eyes of the medical team her son was fine but continued his habit after being discharged. 

Agathiyar reveals the lad's condition to the Nadi Guru. The lad had developed ulcer and his kidneys had began to fail. "How do you suppose I save him", Agathiyar questions the Nadi Guru. But the most compassionate Agathiyar after a few moments of silence continues. He list out some herbs and explains how to prepare and consume them. He asked that the lad take it for a minimum of 48 days. Agathiyar asked that the lady see him again in event the medicine does not work for her son or if he develops complications.

2 1/2 months pass by. 

One day the lady came running to the Nadi Guru. She informed him that her son had gradually recovered and had stopped drinking, but he developed jaundice. The doctors had said that his chances of survival was slim. He was currently being warded at the hospital. 

Agathiyar assured that the lad will survive and asked that the lady sit by his bedside at the hospital and read the Garuda Thandakam, Kandhar Sasti Kavasam, Dhanvantri Gayatri, and chant the Maha Mrityunjaya Japa continuously. The most compassionate Agathiyar ask that if she could not recite these, these books be placed at his bed and to recite her Kula Deivam Japam. "Even if it is wrongly uttered it is fine", says Agathiyar. "The Lord won't be angered if wrongly said or pronounced", continued Agathiyar. "Agathiyar shall save the lad for the sake of the lady and the Nadi Guru", says Agathiyar. 

Agathiyar then turns to the Nadi Guru and reminds him that he (Agathiyar) has decided to save the lad for the sake of the Nadi Guru this once and asked him not to promise such things in the future and not to put him in a difficult position. Agathiyar ended his Nadi revelation saying that a miracle will take place at the hospital and as a result the lad shall survive.

There was no news from the lady for the next 5 days. On the 6th day upon reading the local daily the Nadi Guru came across a news that the very first blood transfusion was conducted on a lad at the Chennai General Hospital and it was a success. It was conformed that the daily carried news about the same lad whose mother came for guidance.

What transpired at the hospital was that a group of doctors arrived and decided to carry out the blood transfusion for the very first time. The lad was lucky enough that the hospital had sufficient blood of his particular group too. 

Hence the lady's prayers were answered. Agathiyar saved the day, saved the lad, and saved the Nadi Guru too.

The above episode reminded me of how Agathiyar and Thirumular came to my family's aid too. We are equally blessed that Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal had prayed for us during our times of trial and tribulation and to realize later that Agathiyar and Thirumular came to the aid of my child when she was hospitalized as a result of her platelet level falling to a count of 28 due to Dengue fever. Agathiyar reveals this in the Jeeva Nadi reading by Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal for Surendaran Selvaratnam of Malaysia. Agathiyar informed that he had specifically helped in raising the platelet count of my daughter while at the hospital.

As I was wondering as to when and how this miracle took place, I remembered a similar miracle had taken place during Akbar's time as narrated in Siththan Arul in an earlier post. Agathiyar reveals how Thirumular came to the aid of the Mughal Emperor Akbar and cured his son Humayun. Agathiyar narrates, "In bygone times, there lived a Mughal King, Akbar. He prayed that his son Humayun should live. His son was saved."

Agathiyar reveals how Humayun was saved. Agathiyar says that both Bhogar, Thirumular and Korakkar were exponents in the art of leaving one's physical body and entering another. Using this technique, Thirumular had entered Akbar and saved Humayun. 

The day my kid was hospitalized, a lady of the Christian faith appeared at the wards. She started praying for a lady from Sri Lanka who was hospitalized for Dengue too. Next the lady moved over to my daughter's bed and asked if she should pray for our daughter too. I told her to go ahead and gave her my consent. She placed her palms on my daughters head and chanted for some time. We thanked her as she left the ward without saying a word. My daughter was cured!

Agathiyar came to my elder daughter's aid too when she broke her leg during an accident. He assured her that all shall be well and true to his word, my daughter was back on her feet - thanks to Tavayogi's prayers and the Siddhas blessings.

My daughter was knocked down by a car while riding pillion. Although fate dealt a cruel blow that day I saw how Agathiyar was working on my daughter from the very moment she was hit until the moment she was certified fit to walk again. I also realized the efficacy of prayers when Tavayogi and Mataji told me that they shall pray for her too. 

At the site of the accident strangers came to her aid. She was swiftly transferred to the emergency ward and attended to. The doctor who attended to her at the emergency ward told us he would apply a fiberglass cast and let nature to do its work. He told us since she was young she should walk in three months. However, these three months were critical to her because she had just started her internship, which was compulsory, if she was to complete her diploma. On our insistence that she should not miss her internship, the doctor gave us another option. They could place surgical nails with which she could walk within a short time. We gave our consent to proceed. My daughter’s leg was cast in half-cast and she was warded while awaiting her turn to be operated one. 

At the wards, a senior doctor on his rounds questioned our request for an operation. He strongly advised us against the operation. He believed she should be back on her feet in three months to complete her internship. “If her bones do not mend naturally by that time then we would consider operating on her”, he assured us. We submitted to him. My daughter was in full cast and told to rest at home. 

My daughter could not accept her fate and questioned why it was all happening. Questions upon questions arised. Why did Agathiyar let this happen? Why did he not stop the accident from happening in the first place? Why did she need to go through this sorrow? I had no answers. 

People we knew and concerned strangers told us to seek alternative approaches and pointed us to practitioners of alternative medicine. Even though I felt reluctant to seek another alternative, as I had faith on Agathiyar, but as a father I had to seek out all available means to cure my daughter and have her back on her feet. 

While considering whether to go for these treatments, I decided I should seek Agathiyar’s advice first since he had advised me all this while through the Nadi, forty-six times till that moment. 

There was a message from Agathiyar in my daughter’s Nadi reading. We understood why it had to happen after Agathiyar explained in the Nadi. Agathiyar tells her that fate had chose to cause havoc in her life leading to physical and mental torment during this period. "The weak placement of these planets had been crucial in this mishap taking place", explains Agathiyar. 

Agathiyar assured her that she need not fear for all would be well. He advised her to continue with the treatment in the hospital. She would have to undergo a small procedure though, he added. 

She was asked to appease Saturn, which I did diligently on her behalf; and to consume sesame seeds. Why sesame seed we pondered? When I did a search on Google, I came to know that sesame seed has a high content of calcium. While doctors advised her to take calcium supplements to assist her bone to heal, Agathiyar advises my daughter to consume sesame seeds, which was equally high in calcium content too. My daughter did as advised. 

Unfortunately even after three months her bone did not mend as expected. This was an exceptional case of non-union. The doctor told us 95% of the patients have their bones mend naturally without any aid; though there is a possibility of non-union in the remaining 5%. Unfortunately, my daughter fell into the later category. The doctor told her he had no option but to perform an operation to place a metal plate in her leg and briefed us on the procedure. Shortly after briefing us, the doctor offered her another alternative too. She could go for an Autologous Conditioned Plasma (ACP) injection, which according to him had proven successful among sportsman who had sports injuries. His words brought relief to us and we opted for the treatment since it did not require her to be operated on. She had to receive three injections in a span of two weeks. Miraculously the treatment gave positive results and she had new bone growth at the site of injury. After nine months of rests and recovery, she was back on her feet and completed her internship. 

Read more about the ACP treatment at and the conventional fixation methods at for comparison.

In today's Siththan Arul as we saw earlier Agathiyar mentioned, "Even if the mantra or recitation of hymns is wrongly uttered it is fine. The Lord won't be angered if wrongly said or pronounced."

I remember a wonderful story told about the efficacy of the mantra even if wrongly said. A young apprentice monk had been taking lessons under the tutelage of his master at a monastery.  He had mastered a certain mantra during his stay at the monastery and excelled in repeating it perfectly. After some time, his master decided to send him to the local village to preach and share what he had learnt at the monastery, and called for him.  The master gave his blessings to the young monk and set him off on his venture. Coming down the mountain where the monastery was perched, the monk came across a river. He had to cross the river to reach the village. While waiting for the boatman to ferry him across, he spotted an old man chanting on the riverbank. On close examination he realized that the old man was repeating the mantra that he had learnt and mastered at the monastery all these years. But the only problem was that the old man was going about it the wrong way. The young monk apprehended the old man and started correcting him. The old man on his part listened attentively and repeated the mantra as recited by the monk. Seeing that the old man had picked up the proper way of chanting and pronunciation of the mantra  the monk felt happy and please and boarded the boat.

He sat facing the opposite bank as the boatman peddled the boat. Midway across the river, the boatman's jaw dropped. He turned pale. The boatman stopped rowing and stared ahead, straight across the monk's shoulder. The young monk was surprised and worried to see this. He turned around to see the old man stand beside them in that deep waters!

The old man politely told the monk that he had forgotten the right way of uttering the mantra and apologized. He asked the monk to repeat it again so that he could follow suite.

The young monk caught hold of the old man and cried for forgiveness!  


  1. Nicely presented the article, especially about chanting by the monk.Good work! May the Guru bless you!

  2. About the mantra being uttered even wrongly having an effect, there is a story about Vishnu sahasranamam, There is a term 'amara prabhu:' as one of the names of Vishnu. Due to its placement people usually say 'mara prabhu:'. A scholar heard this and chided the person who was saying it with complete devotion. That night the Lord appeared in the scholar's dream and asked whether He was not the prabhu of mara (tree) also!


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