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The year was 1996. I was staying away from all forms of worship and religious and spiritual studies. This was also the period I had given up belief in astrology after those predictions did not work out as mentioned. Then a mysterious turn of events leads me to an astrologer to verify my assumption. My mother, mother-in-law, and sister kept on calling me to find out if the other had said anything to me. I assumed that they had seen an astrologer and it wasn't good. And so I stood at Dr Krishnan's doorway after fixing an appointment with him. It turned out that all was fine to the relief of my old folks. After that, I began to frequent his office either for a horoscope reading or the siddha medicine that he dispenses. On one of these visits, I asked him if there was a possibility that whatever said in the charts might not work out for an individual. The Dr. replied that if one had been cursed then the benefits that the charts say one would reap might not materialize. On asking if he could see into my chart if there were curses, Dr Krishnan explained to me that he could not read into my astrological chart to see if I was carrying a curse but told me that the Siddhas could through the Nadi reading. That was the very first time I heard about the Nadi and the Siddhas. The conversation stopped there.

A fear instilled in the hearts of my loved ones by an irresponsible astrologer had them call me up to make sure I was fine. But that act of his turned favorable to me since I returned to consult the horoscope after a long break while getting to meet a great soul like Dr Krishnan.

It was only in 2002 that my colleague Muralitharan brought up the subject of the Nadi again. He had seen his Nadi in the year 2000. I asked him to arrange an appointment for me.

Taking my thumbprint, by studying the details of the fine loops, whorls, arches and lines of my thumbprint, Nadi Nool Aasan Sentilkumar located my life's database from among the numerous bundles of leaves in his possession, that could easily amount to hundreds of individual leaves. After a question and answer session, the Nadi Nool Aasan located my particular Nadi leaf, my life's database from among a couple of bundles of leaves. Ain't that a mystery!

The Nadi Nool Aasan began reading from the Nadi. Agathiyar paid his respects to Erai. Looking back I now realize the humbleness of Agathiyar who took a moment to pay homage to Erai. Agathiyar then began the mind shaking revelation. Agathiyar addressed me through the Nadi! I was excited that Agathiyar was communicating with me. He revealed my astrological chart and horoscope in the reading and continued to relay the gochara palan or the effects of the planetary transits in my birthchart. After reading the general chapter or Podhu Kaandam where he practically scanned and saw through me, my past, present and future; he continued with another chapter, the Shanti Parikara Kaandam, listing out the reasons for me to take birth again and provided the solutions too. And finally Agathiyar went on to the Theecha Mantra Kaandam that brings divine help. As a bonus, Agathiyar threw in the Gnana Kaandam that spoke about more temple visits; introduced spiritual practices and spoke about my guru whom I would meet.

The Nadi is surely a mystery! It is indeed mind boggling to watch Agathiyar bring together the knowledge of these various sciences in deciphering one's life's purpose! 

Agathiyar's first lesson for me was on the subject of karma. He spoke about my past, present and future exhibiting his ability as a Siddha to see pass time and space. He directed me on a spiritual journey to India, providing me the itinerary too, to carry out the remedies for my past karma, promising me a better future after that. Next he gave me a simple Yogic practice to prepare my body and soul for better things to come. This was my very first Pranayama lesson from guru Agathiyar delivered through the Nadi!

He pointed me to his path and his Nadi as a guidepost. He opened my heart and my eyes to the needs of others asking me to do charity and give donations towards the building of temples. He did ask to build one for him too. He charted my spiritual journey and sent me off asking me to come back after three years, once I finished working on his commands. This was my very first upadesam from my spiritual guru Agathiyar that day on 14 December 2002, all revealed in the sukshma form through a medium known as the Nadi!

At the end of the Nadi reading, Sentilumar passed me a leaflet that carried an appeal from one Thaaiveedu Thangarasan M.A. who wanted to build a temple/ashram for Agathiyar in Kallar, India. I gave a small contribution and kept the leaflet with me. In 2005 I come across an advert in the Tamil daily that carried a similar name, Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal, who was in Malaysia to officiate an organization affiliated to his Agathiyar Gnana Peedham in Kallar. I made an appointment to see him. I showed the leaflet and asked if it was his. Hence started a wonderful relationship between a guru and a disciple. Although I only met Tavayogi then, but I had received his message much earlier in 2002. Amazing!

My next upadesam came through the Nadi Nool Aasan Sentilkumar who after reading the Kaanda Nadi, led me to perform the Siddha Puja, and Noolukku Dhaanam, that surmounts to an offering or guru dakshina, a tradition, one of acknowledgement, respect, and thanks to Agathiyar and the Siddhas. I learnt to recite the Siddha Potri or names of the Siddhas from the Nool Aasan and performed a simple puja for the Siddhas.

My search for information on the Siddhas at the numerous organizations run under the banner of Agathiyar did not bring the results I expected. When I mentioned to Dr Krishnan that Agathiyar had asked me to come to his path in the Nadi, he immediately told me that he would prepare Agathiyar's yantra that I could use in my prayers. I collected it later. He told me that he would pass me Agathiyar's Mantra later. It was an Amavasai puja that I was engaged in that day. Usually I do not have my handphone with me during prayers. But that day I had it with me and it rang in the midst of the prayers. It was Dr Krishnan on the line. I answered. He spelt out Agathiyar's mantra into my ears. I received Agathiyar's mantra upadesam from him at that auspicious moment of Amavasai Puja. Truly Amazing!

Following my visit to his temple at Agasthiyampalli with Tavayogi, Agathiyar came to my home in the sthula form that of a bronze statue, a replica of Agasthiyampalli. On 8 January 2009 Agathiyar in the Nadi, had given me certain specifications and several instructions that I had to comply in commissioning his statue.

1. The statue had to be a replica of the one in Agasthiyampalli, Vedharanyam, India,
2. He had to be made of bronze,
3. He had to be made in Swamimalai, India,
4. He was not to exceed one foot in height,
5. Work on him had to start in the Tamil month of Thai and Maasi of  2009,
6. On completion, prayers were to be conducted at the Adi Kumbheshawar Temple in Kumbakonam, and only then was he to be shipped to Malaysia,
7. On arrival in Malaysia, Nava Abhisegam was to be conducted followed by
8. Chanting his name (Aum Agathisaya Nama) 100,000 times.

The numerous questions that arose, pertaining to this set of instructions, was only answered some time back in the Nadi readings of Jnana Jhotiamma and Surendaran. Agathiyar demystified the mystery finally!

Why a replica of Agasthiyampalli?

Agathiyar says that he is seated in a meditative posture at Agasthiyampalli, engrossed in watching and admiring the beauty of the occasion of the marriage or the Tiru Kalyana Kolam of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi taking place in Kailash. Dr VM Jayapalan while in meditation was given the story of the origin of this temple, that happens to be the very first temple for Agathiyar in this Kali Yuga.

Why was his murthy to be made in Swamimalai?

Rightmantra Sundar in his blog explains why Swamimalai comes to mind when one needs a bronze statue. Sundar says that at Swamimalai these bronze statues are made using age old traditional methods and according to the agamas, hence Swamimalai is preferred for making temple Urchava Murthis. Statues made at Swamimalai are renowned worldwide. The lost wax method of casting these statues are a specialty here. Clay or mud from the riverbanks of Kaveri used by bronze statue creators at Swamimalai is most suitable for making the molds as it captures even the most minute details, revealing even thumbprints! 

Some time back, Agathiyar explained why he wanted his image made in Swamimalai through Jnana Jyothiamma's Jeeva Nadi reading. He enlightens us on the significance of Swamimalai and the Kaveri River and the reason for Agathiyar to be made in in Swamimalai. Agathiyar revealed that it was the wish of Lord Muruga, Lobha Ma and himself that he should be made at Swamimalai. Agathiyar explains that it is Lobha Ma's wish that his statues made on the banks of Kaveri (Swamimalai in Tanjai) and blessed by Swamimalai Muruga, should reach places all over the world. Agathiyar says that although his image has been depicted in many variations over time, the image of Agathiyar from Swamimalai will eventually be his identity and worshiped the world over. "Lord Muruga himself has conceived this image and blessed each statue made here", says Agathiyar.

Agathiyar revealed that many miracles will be shown through these statues of Agathiyar. These statues will become "alive". All these will take place with Lord Muruga's blessings. Then Agathiyar mentioned the miracle that took place in Jnana Jyothiamma's presence at AVM on October of 2013. We had held prayers and during the libation or abhisegam, Agathiyar opened his eyes to bless all those present!

Over the years, Agathiyar rejoiced in seeing me perform the Siddha Puja with my family, friends and devotees of his. Agathiyar continued to guide me through the Nadi some 55 times to date. Agathiyar brought many good souls over to my home and we soon became to be known as Agathiyar Vanam Malaysia (AVM). Agathiyar still continues to guide us. Lately his messages were for the AVM family rather than an individual. There were times when he gave messages for us at AVM in the readings of other AVM family members too. Agathiyar has brought us a long way, something that we never dreamt about. We at AVM are truly grateful to him.

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