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It was 2002. I sat in awe and amazement listening to Agathiyar speak through Nadi Nool Aasan Sentilkumar from a reading of the olai suvadi or nadi. How could somebody who lived in the past tell about us? How is this possible I thought?

In 2005 as Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal and I took a morning walk through his neighbourhood at Kallar Ashram, he turned to me and told me that Agathiyar had come the night before and asked him what he was going to give me? I turned my gaze to him in disbelief. Did Agathiyar appear to him in person? Was that possible?

As we walked through the shrubs and bushes towards Uthiyur hills in Kangayam, Tavayogi told me the Siddhas were welcoming us and were showering flowers on us. I looked towards the sky trying to get a glimpse of the Siddhas whom he had just mentioned. I saw only a bright blue sky.

As I closely followed behind Tavayogi on the jungle track leading to Shenbagadevi falls and Kutralam caves, he told me the Siddhas were all around us, ushering us. Again I looked around me in in the hope of catching a glimpse of the Siddhas. All I saw was nature staring back at us.

Back at Kallar Ashram, Tavayogi mentioned that Agathiyar had given him darshan in the hills of Kallar. I could remain quiet no more. I built up sufficient courage to ask him how they actually came and appeared to him? He replied, "In the Jhoti form".

Supramania Swami who left an opening for a window, strategically placed in his kudil so that he could constantly watch Annamalaiyar, the holy hill Arunachala in Tiruvannamalai, to my surprise had closed it with a gunny sack on my next visit. When I questioned him, he replied that he could not bring himself to see the hill as it was fiery! But I only saw a rock hill!

Then Agathiyar began to show his presence in Agasthiyampalli and Kutraleshwarar temple where he opened his eyes in the granite statues of his. Even then fearing that I would stay to investigate further, whether the miracle did take place or my eyes were deceiving me, Tavayogi hastened me out of the temple and on to our next destination.

Many years later in 2013, Agathiyar opened his eyes at AVM too. It was this sensational picture taken by my daughter that captured the attention and curiosity of devotees of Agathiyar.

Soon Agathiyar at AVM made his way to fame appearing on book covers, leaflets, and billboards and in the social medias and videos.

Soon Agathiyar began to show his presence to many devotees at AVM too. I shared their joy each time they came over or talked over the phone on their experiences. Agathiyar revealed how he came to his devotees. These ranged from speaking through his nadi; through dreams; in their thoughts; as a savior in times of danger; as a companion on their journey; through prasad and his objects of worship; by performing miracles; in the form of a guru; and as Jhoti.

Agathiyar told Surendaran Selvaratnam that he entered his home through a pair of pathugai or holy sandals gifted by AVM. Similarly he told the Rajah family that he came into their homes in the form of the vasikol, holy sandals and rudraksha. The Siddhas came in the form of a nadi too to another dear devotee of Agathiyar.

The Siddhas stood by their devotees in times of their need. Bala Chandran Gunasekaran was saved from a road mishap where Agathiyar cushioned his fall; Balachander Aiya too was saved from a similar road mishap by Agathiyar while in India; Bala Chandran Gunasekaran was saved from a near fall when he slipped while hiking up to Pothigai peak. Pulasthiyar who accompanied him extended his hand and held onto him; Surendaran Selvaratnam was blessed to be accompanied by Korakar to the Pothigai peak. 

At Kallar Ashram Agathiyar and the 18 Siddhas appeared in the midst of the Yagam or the sacrificial fire as dark clouds started to gather rather suddenly over the Ashram grounds. The Siddhas showered flowers on the devotees gathered to celebrate the annual Agathiyar Jayanthi and Guru Puja.

The Siddhas arise in the homes of devotees too to shower them with blessings during their home puja.

Listen to Agathiyar and Bhogar reveal how the Siddhas appear to their devotees and shower their blessings.

Read more about these miracles and the darshan or appearance of Siddhas at

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