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Srimathi Rakhi Chaturvedi continues her wonderful story about how she came to the Siddhas. Read her earlier story at

She continues,
Siddhas Grace
After getting a glimpse of the ways siddhas take care of all the sincere seekers, I got married in December 2010. Then what began was probably a cooling off period for me. The sadhanas I was involved in advised by Shivanand ji before my marriage was reduced drastically. I was settling to the new place and environment. I was missing the urge to involve myself with same intensity in my spiritual practices as before.
In 2012, I was blessed with a baby girl ... she became my full time commitment. Once my daughter turned 3, restlessness in me increased. And I even felt my inner self saying... now get back to work… I felt I was looking for something in particular but did not know exactly what…..
In Aug 2015, in a sudden program arranged by my husband we went to the abode of Ma Vaishnav Devi in Jammu and Kashmir and Golden temple in Amritsar …Ma Vaishnav Devi and the siddhas and gurus in Amritsar touched some spiritual cords in us.

Golden temple or Shri Harmandir Sahib was founded by a Sikh guru Guru Ram Das. The place which was filled with so much peace and divinity… people from various castes, creed and religion were there doing selfless service in the beautifully maintained Abode of God. Over 1 lakh people visit the shrine daily for worship and partake jointly in the community kitchen and meal (langar) regardless of any distinctions. God’s name and Gurbani Kirtan was continuously playing for all to merge into the divine kirtan or chanting. The place filled with selfless service, divine sankirtan and Annadaanam .. must be the place most dear to all the siddhas… who are all one I thought and one can easily feel their presence.
In spite of a huge rush due to long weekend … where people were not allowed to even stand barring a few seconds in the main shrine where is installed the Adi Granth, the holy scripture of Sikhism (which they consider as living guru). We, myself, husband and daughter were allowed by siddhas grace to sit in a corner for more than 5 minutes to submit our prayers….. immense peace dawned on me.
I prayed for guidance from the gurus and siddhas … and after returning from our trip I came across Siddha Heartbeat within less than a week ... oh.. this is exactly what I was looking for… and there was more to come…
The first day when I came across Siddha Heartbeat I could not sleep that night properly… the magical articles and wonderful books of Shanmugam ji had an overpowering effect on me… I could not control my urge to visit the site again and again and I can say for sure…. Fire of Devotion is one of my favorite books. 
I felt sorry for myself for … being unaware of the treasures Shanmugam ji has shared so selflessly to the world … I also felt sorry for how I could have forgotten Agasthya Mahamuni, our compassionate father who had already entered my life in 2009 in the form of a nadi reading… restlessness in me increased even more till I picked up my phone and called Tavayogi ji in Kallar. Peace dawned on me by just talking to him …. I introduced myself to him and he asked “When are you coming to my place daughter”. I had no plans except the desire to go there. I said "Swami ji just bless me to be worthy to be there". "I bless you and just keep praying to Agashtya" was his reply. 
Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal of Kallar Ashram. Photo courtesy of  Monika Sanjiv Malhotra

We visited Kallar in August 2016 and me and my husband were swept away by the hospitality given to us by Swami ji and all the volunteers in the ashram. We have never experienced the kind of magical peace in a place so charged with divinity and at the same time nature around seemed to be painted by some divine artist. After staying one day and one night in the ashram we left with a very heavy heart... and tears in my eyes. Swami ji told me "I have taken you as my daughter and you all must attend the function in December". The smile of Swami ji is enough to melt our hearts and open new portals for us to move forward in the Siddha Marg. After leaving the ashram I kept silent for some time.. for I did not want to break the peace my whole being was experiencing.
Present day Kallar Ashram. Photo courtesy of Mahin

We offered our prayers to Agashtya Mahamuni … to be able to make it to function. The compassionate master arranged everything for us. In spite of some hassles we made it to the function. Shanmugam ji had become an instrument in our lives... to be able to reconnect with the siddhas. The kind of influence Shanmugam ji, his writings and his army of angels at Agathiyar Vanam Malaysia (AVM) are doing to lives of uncountable people can never be expressed in words…. for their magic can only be felt with tender hearts.
It was a dream came true.. meeting Shanmugam ji in Kallar to whom we will always be indebted to and it was heart touching to see the entire team of AVM doing seva in the ashram. We felt equally wonderful meeting Sanjiv ji and his family and various other devotees gather to celebrate the function. Shanmugam ji also introduced us to Manoj ji and Vivek ji talking to whom for the available two hours was like peeping into the lives of extraordinary beings … the experiences they shared seemed far above the reach of an average human. It was another life altering moment for us. 
Before leaving for Dehradun we had an appointment through someone, for a jeeva nadi reading in Erode near Coimbatore. But again the siddhas guided us through Manoj ji and Vivek ji and they asked to immediately cancel our appointment in Erode for certain reasons. Manoj ji assured that he will arrange a good reading for us in Chennai. We followed their advice. Though we had some apprehensions as generally getting jeeva nadi appointments is not easy and that too… on the day of our choice i.e. 25.12.16, as we had an early morning flight from Chennai on 26th. Selvam ji the nadi reader was out of Chennai to his hometown after the cyclone “Vardah” and his phone was not reachable. With Mahamuni’s grace, Selvam ji was back in Chennai and finally we got an appointment on 25th. But Selvam ji was not having a translator that day. By now all my apprehensions were vanished as I felt that since the siddhas are guiding and helping us quite visibly they will help us with the translator. Again our angel Manoj ji called up on his own and asked if we needed a translator. We said "Yes". And one Atmajhoti ji came over all the way from the holy land of Tiruvannamalai. We all met in time and the reading was conducted for us. Bhrigu Maharishi blessed us with a darshan of shank, chakra and kamal in the jeeva nadi.. was this just a coincidence that we were just returning from our trip to Navtirupati? We were spellbound.
I know that my journey had just began and I am like a small ant in front of extraordinary souls whom I came across in the last 2 years. But I know that Mahamuni loves us all……. for it was His grace which allowed the entry of these extraordinary souls into my life…..

Now I pause and think if I had never come across Siddha Heartbeat my life would have been totally different.
Thank you very much Srimathi Rakhi Chaturvedi for sharing your experiences on Siddha Heartbeat.

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