Thursday, 9 March 2017


Agathiyar invited me to his path or Neri through a Nadi reading. I took it up. I was a newcomer, a freshie who did not know anything about Agathiyar and the Siddhas and their Puja; nor about their extensive scriptures. He then started me on this extremely fulfilling journey of prayers and rituals (puja); penance and austerity (tavam); and charity (dhanam and dharmam). With the aid of these three tools, and his continuous guidance through the Nadi readings, he took me, and bringing along many of his children together, on a wonderful journey of exploration, discovery and amazement. Agathiyar simplified the path for me and all the wonderful souls at AVM. He modified the path to suite each devotees temperament, ability and schedule. Each of us at AVM has a wonderful story to tell about how the calling came for them.

Here is my story. Just as a father holds the hands of his child and teaches him to walk, Agathiyar led me step by step on this journey. Giving me a task, and when I attended to it, he monitored my progress before giving me another. It is like having semesters, learning certain subjects and moving on to other subjects in the new semesters. It was basically chanting mantras; conducting prayers and rituals; performing certain basic yogic practises; and conducting charity. He slowly brought in new learnings, knowledge, and experiences; bringing me and the AVM family to new frontiers and territories, never for a moment leaving us to bask in the light of our achievements; hence saving us from becoming stagnant and redundant.

To start off, Agathiyar blessed me with the mantra of Vishnu Aum Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya, which came to me in a mysterious way, without revealing himself till much later.

Agathiyar brought me to the Nadi where he spoke to me about karma, the determining factor in each and every birth. 

To remove all obstacles he asked me to chant the moola mantra of Lord Ganesha Aum Gam Ganapathaye Namaha.

Agathiyar invited me to his path or margam, and introduced the worship of Siddhas. 

He blessed me with his yantra and mantra Aum Sing Vang Ang Ung Mang Mahathuvam Porunthiya Agathiyar Thiruvadigal Potri through a blessed soul Dr Krishnan.

He brought me to many temples in India.

He brought me to my guru Supramania Swami of Tiruvannamalai.

Supramania Swami in turn showed me his guru Yogi Ramsuratkumar.

Supramania Swami blessed me with Lord Shiva's mantra Hara Hara Siva Siva Sivasivaaya Namasivaaya Sivaya Nama Aum.

Agathiyar brought me to another guru Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal.

Tavayogi in turn showed me the Moola Guru Agathiyar, and Paramaguru Sri Jeganatha Swamigal and Chitramuthu Adigal.

Tavayogi blessed me with Agathiyar's mantra Aum Sim Vam Am Um Mum Agatheesaya Nama.

Tavayogi brought me to the Siddhas, and their abodes, caves, samadhis and temples.

Tavayogi gave me a Vasi mantra.

Tavayogi started me on conducting the Homam.

Tavayogi taught me and several others Asanas and Pranayama.

Agathiyar blessed me with his Moola mantra, and asked to share to all.

Aum Srim Aum Sarguru Pathamay,
Saaba Paaba Vimochanam,
Rowga Ahungaara Thur Vimochanam,
Sarva Deva Sagala Siddha Oli Rupam,
Sarguruway Aum Agasthiya Kirantha Karthaaya Nama

Agathiyar came into my home in the form of a bronze statue, bringing me to perform the abhisegam for him. Agathiyar encouraged us to stream the puja at AVM online.

He brought me to the worship of Jhothi and asked to chant Ramalinga Adigal's Arutperunjhoti mantra, Arutperunjhoti Arutperunjhoti Tani Perung Karunai Arutperunjhoti 

He brought me to worship Lord Muruga and chant his name Muruga that takes the meaning of Jhoti too.

He brought an expatriate, Acharya Gurudasan from Bangalore to conduct Kriya Hatha Yoga classes exclusively for AVM family.

The AVM family came together in prayers at AVM. Soon the members conducted individual prayers at their own homes. Later AVM Agathiyar accompanied by Tavayogi visited their homes where the members' families conducted the joint prayers or Kutu Prathanai.

On our return from Kallar Ashram after participating in Agathiyar's Guru Puja and Jayanthi Vizha, Agathiyar asked AVM family to include the worship of the Mother, Vaalai Thaai in our Siddha puja, another major step forward after 15 years of worship to the Siddhas.

After bringing us to the Mother, in just a couple of months, Agathiyar brought us to the worship of the Father, Lord Shiva.

It is amazing how meticulously he works on his devotees, putting together carefully a set of practises catered specifically for each of them, to work on and put into practice, before revealing the next set of lessons. He does not rush us, neither is their any element of fear instilled. He accepts all our devotion without any reservation or complaints. There is no cost involved and there is no need for a middleman. In the Siddha path it is between us and Erai. The Siddhas hold onto our hands, guide us along the way, show us the way, and step aside to rejoice in seeing their children walk on their own. The Siddhas locate, teach, lead and bring their lost children, back to the kingdom of Erai. That is the amazing work that the Siddhas do.

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