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Scene 1

Desperately seeking a solution and a way out of the blunder and mess that he had brought upon himself, one comes to a Nadi reader with doubts and questions as to the authenticity of the Nadi and its reader, and capability of the Siddhas in solving his problems. He goes through the process of answering the questions put to him with hesitation and doubts if the Nadi reader was getting information from him before commencing the reading. He withholds some things, negates the others and falsely agrees on others. The reading goes haywire. He is not satisfied. He spreads the news that the Nadi is a hoax.

Scene 2
Having heard about the wonders of the Siddhas and their revelations through the Nadi, one comes to a Nadi reader with devotion praying that the Siddhas could help in solving his problems. He goes through the process of answering the questions put to him, cooperating with the Nadi reader giving him the required information so that he could locate the relevant Nadi before commencing the reading. He withholds nothing, negates if it is not true, and agrees if it is. The reading goes well. He is satisfied. He spreads the news that the Nadi is a miracle.

When I went for my very first reading I sat through the whole process in awe and wonder. When my personal and intimate details were mentioned I was amazed that the Siddhas knew everything about me. How was it possible I asked with wonder. When they listed what I had done in the past life that led to this birth, although I felt sad for the things I did, but I was thrilled that I got to know my past and was even more glad that they gave a solution too to find remorse. That was in 14 December 2002.

Meanwhile on 10 December 2003, Agathiyar brings me to my very first guru Supramania Swami of Thiruvannamalai. Hence begins a wonderful Guru Disciple relationship. I had never dreamt that I would be blessed to meet a Guru in my life. Supramania Swami ignited the fire of devotion in me.

Following the dictates of Agathiyar, as a sacred word, I came to him again on 15 August 2005, at the age of 45 for another reading, after three years as requested. He took me in as a disciple. He began to reveal my future. Agathiyar revealed the fact that I had made blunders in my life. Hence the reason to take birth again. But the most compassionate father was prepared to forgive me. Next he said that it was all his doing too. Finally he added that it had to take place for I needed the experiences too. He solaced me, playing down my karma. His kind words were uplifting and brought courage and strength in me. He gave me a directive to meet Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal who was in Malaysia, the same night for a Theecha. I took up the option without question although my wife and I were among the many to receive a mass Teecha from him given to devotees in Malaysia earlier. Although it was late at night I followed Agathiyar's dictates. My life's prediction changed. The Nadi reading and the predictions of Agathiyar were mysteriously erased and a new reading and prediction provided in its place on 18 August 2005, three days later. 

Agathiyar sends me to Kallar Ashram to meet Tavayogi again. We travel together on a pilgrimage of Siddha samadhis, shrines, temples and caves. I had never dreamt that I would be blessed to receive another Guru in my life. If Supramania Swami ignited the fire of devotion in me, Tavayogi nurtured it. 

Agathiyar gave assurance that he and the other Siddhas were with my family and me. I did not deserve his compassion and grace but yet he kept his word, when literally he came into our family in the form of a bronze statue on 2 January 2010. I had never dreamt that I would be blessed to receive Agathiyar, the Supreme Guru in my life and my home. If Supramania Swami ignited the fire of devotion in me, Tavayogi nurtured it, then it is Agathiyar who has to take it from there. 

Along the way Agathiyar showed many miracles, and showed his presence to all at AVM and me.  He guided us with the rituals and prayers. He led us to do charity work and give donations to the needy and unfortunate. He asked that we balance the act of doing charity and doing tapas for this two acts were equally important and akin to the two eyes that is needed to see the path clearly and reach the final destination of ending the cycle of birth and death and attaining immortality. 

Agathiyar brought many genuine seekers and good and divine souls to AVM from where he took them in under his wings, taking it from there. Similarly he brought me to many more genuine devotees of his whom I met at Kallar Ashram, hence bridging the gap beyond continents and countries. With the many modern technology available and the social medias Agathiyar has roped in all of us as a family, creating a wonderful network of disciples to carry out his mission. 

P. Karthigayan in his "History of Medical & Spiritual Sciences of Siddhas of Tamil Nadu, Notion Press, Chennai, 2016" defines the Siddhas mission.
"Siddhas believed that human beings are created for excelling in knowledge, understanding the nature, and helping their fellow man to form a divine civilization on earth. They needed to live longer and even become immortal, to achieve this goal".
When I asked Tavayogi for direction on what to do next lately in June of last year, Tavayogi passed the buck to Agathiyar, saying, "What am I to direct you my son? Agathiyar is already directing you", passing the sole responsibility to Agathiyar. I was amazed at how Tavayogi handled his disciple. The very first time he set foot in my home, he dampened my joy in receiving him at my home by telling me that he was a nobody, and not to be deceived by his attire, the kavi, and that he had nothing hidden within it, and he had nothing to offer. He pointed me to Agathiyar. That was on 31 July 2005. After 12 years again he took no credit for nurturing me and all in the AVM family but directed us straight to Agathiyar. Indeed Tavayogi is a true guru as Agathiyar had mentioned several times.

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