Friday, 3 March 2017


When life is a smooth ride, man must learn to do all the good he can. When he is making a good income, he should start giving to the less unfortunate too. When he is having a good feast he should start sharing some of it with the hungry too. When he is having a good life, he should start bringing cheer to the lives of others too. When he is successful in life, he should start grooming others to be successful too. These are some of the acts of giving back and showing one's gratitude and thankfulness. Life is short. Do not postpone doing some good daily. Do not wait until you have lost everything to do some good.

Our ancestors have given us all the sacred texts needed for our spiritual and material advancement. One such text is the Kural. Valluvar has spoken about all aspects of life and how to live it and also how not to live it. It is an amazing scripture.

By adapting these teachings into our daily lives we would progress to the next stage that the Siddhas have mentioned, the state of a Mamanithan or a great man.

But alas, it is only when life takes a dip for the worst that man starts to seek answers. He then turns to Erai. The most compassionate Erai does not turn them away in their hour of need. To the common man searching for answers as to why he is going through so much problems, obstacles, illness and sufferings, Erai through the Siddhas has a wonderful tool or medium, the sacred oracle, through which clarification and assurance is given to those who come seeking, hence the reason it is called Nadi or 'to seek'.

Explaining the reasons for one's troubles, the Siddhas would give an appropriate solution too. For a start the Siddhas would request us to do parikaram or atonement, to get us started on prayer and doing an act of charity. I too paid my due respect to the Siddhas and their Nadi by way of performing a thanksgiving ritual called Nadikku Dhanam where offerings are made and the songs of praise to Siddhas are sang. The parikaram is not a one time remedy for our past karma as the parikaram is based on the karma of one particular birth or jenma, and since we continually create karma throughout our daily actions, hence we need to "cleanse" these karma continuously. Agathiyar asked me to perform the homam/yagam on a regular basis for he says this ritual will remove one's karma. Another simple act of "cleansing" one's karma is by the noble act of feeding. Once Agathiyar asked me to feed the birds before coming for a subsequent reading. He even sent the birds over to my home. I took to feed the birds since then. Besides this, Agathiyar has asked to continue the annadhanam programs undertaken by AVM family.

These are the simple acts of dharma that Agathiyar has us do to "cleanse" our karma. In thick or thin, the only one that holds our hands is Erai. He is both inside and outside of us. He is in our very cells. And he is in the stone too. He is in the Prapancham and the prapancham is in him. He is in us. We are in him too. Let us get connected to Erai.

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