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When a devotee of Agathiyar out of curiosity dropped in at her sister's home to watch a cleansing and parikara puja conducted by an Achariyar, she was put at unease when the Achariyar shifted his attention to her and began questioning her about her relationship with her boyfriend, who was also a devotee of Agathiyar. He kept asking if they both had a problem. He began to fish information from her and ended up saying things that were disturbing, instiling fear in her.  He asked her to check with an astrologer to see if their horoscope matched and to determine if they were both compatible.  He wanted to see both their astrological charts too to make a comparison and gave her a grace period of three days to hand it over to him. Her family out of fear pushed her for it. She retaliated saying that Agathiyar had brought them together in the first place and hence there was no need for a comparison of their natal charts. Not willing to listen, eventually he began to terrorize her asking repeatedly if she knew who he was. Finally giving in to distress, she asked if it was Agathiyar? He laughed and nodded his head it seems, though he did not admit to be Agathiyar vocally. Confused and troubled she brought this matter to my attention. I doubted him for several reasons. Why would the all knowing father want their charts for comparison? Agathiyar has all our astrological charts at his fingertips! He knows the past, present and future! If at all it was Agathiyar, why did he, who had brought them together in the first place, want to disrupt or sabotage their plans for marriage?

There are many who have taken up an easy way of making an earning, albeit of taxation, going to homes doing pujas and rituals, something we are ignorant of, for a payment. They begin to add on rituals as in add-ons in fast food centres by using the fear factor, realizing that we are ignorant of many things. While some use our ignorance to their advantage others prey into the depths of our minds and make suggestions forcing us to comply out of fear.

When I moved house I did my own house warming prayers without engaging a purohit. Today after 23 years Agathiyar himself has come to reside in my home.

The reason they could take us for a ride is because we leave it to others to make important decisions in our life's. I have never regreted any decision I made because I knew it was the best decision and option at that moment and period in time, having carefully taken into consideration all the factors on hand. Having made a decision I left it to Erai to bless my plan and actions. When we have Erai on our side, he decides thereon whether to fulfill, modify, change or totally reject our request. As Sanjiv Malhotra says, "He takes care of us in a manner we are not even aware of. As he sees what we do not".

friend who was in the religious way offered to initiate me into meditation some time back. I told him let my guru do it. When he saw me perform the homam he commented that I should place a kodam or water vessel otherwise it would not be complete. I told him let my guru tell me to do so. 

I realized that everybody wants to be a guru. Everybody wants to give another a technique; a mantra; a teecha; or an upadesa without realizing the implications on the recipient later on.

I received a mail from a sadhak in north India who had put in much time and practise in all the techniques taught to him by several masters. He had several belts to his credit but eventually ended up suffering from energy blockages. Sadly none of his masters could help him. After 8 years he was still in pain.

Another family man had his energy chakras blocked purposely by his guru out of envy. The wive begged his master to bring him out of his misery; and to release him, but he never lifted a finger. Finally Agathiyar helped this family. Today it brings joy and happiness to see them leading a normal life. 

Another young man complained of energy surges in his body. I asked him to go back to his master for a solution. Sadly his master had turned cuckoo, he said.

Just as in the spiritual field, a master in martial arts, besides being an exponent in his field, should also know the art of treating injuries inflicted as a result of the training and fights. Only then is it a complete art form and science. It would be ridiculous to only teach the techniques and in event of an injury like a broken bone direct him or send them to the hospital to be cast in plaster. 

The first lesson of a good guru is that he must be/have been a good student in the first place. 

The seekers too are to be blamed as in their eagerness to harness the mystical energies go seeking every tom dick and harry for a teecha, and end up not beginning on it or only to drop the practises midway or discontinue it after some time. A teecha is not something that is collected and showcased or pinned on the chest like the honorary titles and awards received. I was surprised to learn of a Swami of an establishment who does just that. Not that he pins them on his chest but they list the teechas after their names, advertising it.

When someone told my guru Supramania Swami that he has had taken several teecha from saintly men, Swami replied that he did not put it into practise and commented what was the use of taking teechas if it was not put into practise? 

When a long time devotee of Agathiyar who knew something about vastu sastra accompanied Tavayogi to my home, immediately upon stepping out of the car he commented that the neem tree in front of my home has to go as it was inauspicious to have it there. He also commented that the direction of my altar was not right. Tavayogi who was a full fledge turavi or monk did not say a word. Later the branch of the neem tree that was said to be inauspicious was used to determine if there was the presence of Siddhas and a samadhi at a magestic temple being built at that time! 

As for the altar, regardless of its placement Agathiyar had come to settle in my home! The placement or the direction of the altar is not important. What is important is the degree of devotion one has and the nano seconds of quality time he spends with his Erai.

A Swamiji from north India asked to come over to AVM through an AVM family member. After he enlightened us on Mother Ganga and the myth and legends surrounding her, her asked to call all and arrange for a puja that he will conduct after his return from Singapore. I left it to Agathiyar to decide, to give his consent or otherwise. On his way out he asked if I was conducting homams. I said yes, every Thursday, full moon and new moon days and other auspicious days too, I added. He then switched to another question. He asked if I was initiated. I said yes, by both my gurus. I knew what he was getting at. He left without saying a word further, since he knew he could not sell his wares. He never came. I was told he goes around performing home pujas and charges a fee for it. I understood that he is in the process of building an ashram and needed funds. 

Bring Agathiyar or any deity you prefer into your hearts. He/she shall then stand by you as a kavasam or force field protecting you.

A devotee of Agathiyar out of curiosity followed a family member into the woods and jungle for a secretive ritual. The person on whom suposedly the spirits came down could not bring them unto him that night even after hours of invocation. Finally getting angry he asked to know if there was a new face among the crowd that had gathered in the still of the night in a clearing deep in the dense forest. The attention of everyone fell on the devotee of Agathiyar. After questioning the devotee, he was told that he was not welcomed, for the sole reason that he worshipped Agathiyar.

The same devotee of Agathiyar has had many experiences with seeking and asking for guidance from the sakthis or beings in the higher realm through genuine mediums. These sakthis address the mundane and immediate needs of the seekers through many ways. But each time a devotee of Agathiyar comes along amazingly the whole conversation shifts to Agathiyar. The sakthis then guide them appropriately in the way of the Siddhas; to the abodes of Siddhas. These are the same sakthis that stand guard at the start of each climb and track leading to the abodes of the Siddhas.

People came to AVM too in desperation hoping for a relief from their illness, sorrow and pain; troubles and misery; and for other reasons too. Initially my wife and I would lend a ear and listen to them pour out their hearts sorrow. Out of excitement and in our eagerness to help we would start directing them to others or advising them to carry out certain remedies.  It was only natural for one to advise another out of concern.  But these good gestures of us landed us in trouble. When I called Tavayogi and narrated the happenings, he had just one thing to say! "Why do you get involve? Send them to Agathiyar! Let them pour their heart out to him!" That came as a blow to me, as usual. He taught me that day to stay aloft and not get involved directly but to show them to Agathiyar. We realized that we had made a grave mistake by taking on others problems and together with it their karma.

Agathiyar had advised a Jnani in the making that she would acquire certain siddhis or powers to heal people in the future. But he cautions her that while healing them she should not have the slightest notion or ego that she was doing the healing but instead let the consciousness come onto her and do the healing. Only then would she not take on their karma. 

Agathiyar has an advise for those in the medical profession too. There could be days and instances where after much effort to revive a patient yet he passes away at their hands. To them Agathiyar says light an oil lamp at the Bhairavar temple, passing on the karma to Erai for extinguision.

There is an urgent need for all to start praying in their individual homes. The reason we all have altars at home is to get us to engage in prayers. Invoke the deities and bring them into your homes and your lives. Once we begin doing the pujas by ourselves, and the deities are with us, there won't be an avenue or opening for someone else to budge or intrude into our homes and our minds. 

As for the gurus they should not make the devotee become dependant on them forever. Rather then conduct pujas on behalf of us, a better option would be to teach us to fish, in this sense teach us to conduct our own puja. As long as we are dependant on others they can take us for a ride. Seek out someone who would teach you a process rather than let him do it and having to call him back when the need arises again. 

And be aware that Agathiyar in his Agathiyar Gnanam has warned us of bogus gurus. Be forewarned that he has mentioned them in the latest Nadi reading for a devotee too.

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