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Saravanan Palanisamy uploaded a drawing of his on fb. I commented "All it took was for one siddha to move to the south to bring stability to the earth. From this episode I realized that Agathiyar is the equivalent of all gods put together."

Having come from a moderately religious family, I frequented temples and prayed at the altar in my home. As in any home I had numerous pictures of Gods and Goddesses. Agathiyar came into my life in 2002. After returning from Kallar in 2005, I removed all of the pictures except for that of Agathiyar. It was a difficult move but I had to do it. I chose to see all the Gods as one. I chose to see all of the Gods in Agathiyar.

Never did I imagine in my wildest dream that I would be conducting a sacrificial fire (homam) and libation (abhisegam) in my home. Agathiyar arrived at my home in the form of a bronze statue in 2010. During Vinayagar Jayanthi I clad Agathiyar in white and garlanded him with an Arugampul garland. My family and I sang songs in praise of Lord Vinayagar. Later Agathiyar told me in the Nadi reading that that was the truth too.

Agathiyar has changed over the years as apparently visible in the following photos.

The very first picture of Agathiyar that I received from Sivabalan immediately after my very first Nadi reading in 2002.

When my in-laws were going through difficult times, I passed this picture to them and got another of Agathiyar for myself.

Agathiyar decked with the Arugampul garland on Vinayagar Jayanthi.

Agathiyar arrived at our shores in the form of a bronze statue intending to grace the Jegathguru Sri Raghavendra Mritiga Brindavanam in Ipoh. While awaiting the completion of the Brindavanam, Agathiyar 'camped' at my home. 

Agathiyar was crafted in Swamimalai by Varadaraj, packed and driven to Chennai, and flown to Malaysia in 2010.

Agathiyar came packed 'tight' in a plywood box, total weight of 28 kilograms. Agathiyar as he appeared on arrival. The photograph in the background is his original form, a granite statue in Agasthiyampalli, Vedaranyam.

Agathiyar as he appears in Agasthiyampalli
Upon the requests of a devotee we moved Agathiyar to her home for prayers. Agathiyar chose to perform his first miracle outside India for us to see. He opened his right eye in his picture during prayers at the home of this nine devotees.

Agathiyar opens his right eye
Over the years Agathiyar has appeared differently to many of his devotees at Agathiyar Vanam.

In 2013 when Jnana Jyothiamma was at Agathiyar Vanam, Agathiyar surprised us with a spectacle, similar to the one he did at Agasthiyampalli. He opened his eyes in the bronze statue of his. Since then Agathiyar has given his darshan many times to devotees gathered at Agathiyar Vanam.

Devotees who participated in prayers at Agathiyar Vanam.

Bala Chandran Gunasekaran took Agathiyar a step further by creating posters. Others carried Agathiyar on their leaflets, invitations, book covers, blogs and even billboards.

Agathiyar on a billboard in Vaitheeswarankoil
Agathiyar on a blog
Agathiyar on book covers

Agathiyar on invitations

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