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Art by Saravanan Palanisamy, originally commissioned for Siththan Arul 
In today's post on Siththan Arul, Sri Velayudham Karthikeyan Aiya has posted an episode that reminds us to take heed of Agathiyar's words and advice. A very young couple came to the Jeeva Nadi Guru of Chennai for a reading one day. They wanted to marry each other and asked to know they would face any problems. The boy's parents were separated. The girl's father passed away. No one wants to come forward to solemnize the marriage. They wanted Agathiyar's opinion on that matter.

Agathiyar reveals their relationship was link to the past birth. They will face no problems getting married. But Agathiyar requested them to delay the marriage for as long as possible. They were disappointed. The girl asked for how long should they postpone the event. The boy said hastily that they want to get married as soon as possible. It was decided and he only wanted to know if there was any atonement or parikaram for them to follow. 

Agathiyar reveals that they have had intimacy many times even before getting married. There are many reasons why Agathiyar asked to delay this marriage. The child yet to be born has to be healthy. There is no parikaram for this. Agathiyar ended the reading saying that the rest is their choice.

The Jeeva Nadi Guru realized that the boy did not belief in the Nadi and astrology. They left disappointed with the outcome of the reading.

After 1 1/2 years, they came back looking sad. They had gone ahead and married despite Agathiyar asking them to delay the marriage. They cried for forgiveness and admitted that it was a mistake that they did not heed Agathiyar's words back then. Now they were facing the consequences of their actions.

The boy started to narrate what had happened. His family circle did not have off springs. A male child was a rarity within this family. He rushed to get married considering he wanted a child. When the child was born, his father passed away. So did the girl's mother. The newly born male child was born with an increase head circumference or Macrocephaly. He looked horrendous, said the father. They wanted to know if their child would become normal like any other child.

Agathiyar took them to task.

Agathiyar says there are times when he can only reveal indirectly and only caution the subject. The seeker has to understand and take heed. "Why should I show interests in changing your fate? It's not necessary! But when one comes to me, I shall try my level best to show them a way," quipped Agathiyar. "Those who don't believe need not follow Agathiyar's advice. Let things happen as fated. Those who refuse to listen need not come to me!", added Agathiyar. "You are one of those," saying thus Agathiyar apprehended the father.

Agathiyar reveals a secret to them. The boy's father and the girl's mother had a relationship. They both were siblings. That was one of the reason his father never stayed with his mother. His father since young was a womanizer. The girl's mother was a victim too. Since now both of them have passed away Agathiyar chose to reveal.

The girl immediately countered Agathiyar, blaming him for not revealing the secret a year and a half back. She said they would not have got married if they knew. The boy too joined in and quipped, "If we had waited a year would this problem not have arise?"

Agathiyar replies that the past has passed. They have to undergo their karma for some time. Agathiyar added quickly that it was not due to his curse that they are facing these problems. It was fate. He had given the advice then so that they could change their fate. But they refused to listen and understand.

But the most compassionate father did not give up on them. He asked them not to worry. A foreign doctor will operate on their deformed child. The parebts were assured that although the swelling would not subside entirely, the child would not look horrendous. The child shall live. But they would have to wait five to ten years to see the results, added Agathiyar.

After 12 years the couple arrived with a perfectly healthy and intelligent son and they have since then become staunch devotees of Agathiyar.

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