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ஜென்மம் நிறைந்தது சென்றவர் வாழ்க... வைரமுத்து

Great Death-conquering Mantra

toyam108 uploaded and commented on the above Sri Mrityunjaya Maha Mantra from the Sri Rudram in Yajur Veda at

Jnana Jyothiamma shares some facts about this magnificent death-conquering mantra.
This is mahamrithyunjaya mantra‏ what I was telling u about right from the day we got connected .. shan ....‏ it first worships the three headed entity ... then thank him for having given everything in life‏. Just as how a cucumber.. (kakadi) ... detaches itself from the mother plant, after it is fully grown and falls down ..... likewise it is requesting Lord Shiv to get him detach himself form the samsaric ... and the last line menas....mrithyor mukshys mumritharth ..... which means give me Moksha‏.

I also told you when we meet first that this was written by sage Vasistha for Dsaratha king .....  in fact, right from my young days ... the first sentence of this mantra ... was coming into my brain, when I used to ask my maternal grandfather .... what was the meaning of it. He used to tell me .. you will know when the time comes ... it started taking intensity from the time my hubby passed away .. and by 2011.... I suddenly came across the full version ... and indeed I was taken aback when Agathiyan mentioned to me that I was a Vasistha's disciple ...‏

Hear mrithyunjaya mantra chanted by shankar sahney ..... this was the first link that came to me ... early 2011 ..... before we got connected ... I have been chanting it since then .. since I know sanskrit and is easy ..‏
For people in sanyas stage .. this is for moksha .. and for children ... it is for protection from all happenings ... (durgutna) ... kavacham....‏

I read this beautiful sentence in Tripura Rahasya ... in other words Haritaayana Samhitaa .......(the mystery beyond the Trinity).‏ It goes thus .....
I now proceed to relate the incomparable teaching. Listen! Oh! The lives of the sages are most scared.‏ For service to the sages enables on to apprehend their innate kindness, just as the sense of smell helps one to detect the intrinsic odour of musk.‏ The expanse of the Grace called Siva, here incarnate as my guru, is, indeed gracious to me, gaining whose pleasure, even the Lord of Creation, looks like a pygmy.‏ Does not the God Of Death, verily merge into then Self, if only one's master is pleased with one? The Supreme Being is gracious indeed, just in so much as is my Master .... for reasons unknown to me.‏
Note: The meaning is that the Guru, being God, is mercy incarnate and requires no incentive to show grace .... The Guru's Grace gained, I have gained it all! Thou has kindly opened to me the gates of Tripura‏.

Jagrat, Svapna and Shushupti ... literally means Tripura and the undercurrent of consciousness in all of them remaining unaffected, is metaphorically called the Resident Mistress .. by name Sri Tripura ...‏ Isn't is beautiful shan ..?  You can easily understand the Wisdom behind this.
Footnote: Before Creation, my mother ... namely Pure Intelligence .. gave me ... (the individual Soul) .... a companion named the intellect ... whose origin cannot be investigated, but who yet remains as a subtle body enabling the individual to partake of pleasures and pains. Intellect is lost at death, but appears out of nowhere at the time of rebirth .. these are the commentators footnotes.

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