Wednesday, 10 December 2014


Jnana Jyothiamma writes,
Just a thought ...! Recognize the harmful desires in your heart and value overcoming them (even though people may approve of them), showing the Almighty you care about Him and His way of life, his everlasting principles.
Repent of things like your preoccupation with money and worldly things.
Turn, and forcefully do things in the other direction, toward the Lord.
You can do amazing things to help people when you believe. God will put us to work in fruitful ways and reward us after we are finished.
Agathiyan says .. have mercy on your neighbor. Having faith in God you can overcome your harmful desires through actions such as these. Perhaps one of the best ways to overcome our harmful desires is through serving others. Jesus served us by coming to find us and save us when we had gone astray. When you start serving others and have your relationships with others inline with the principles in spite of all the problems that come up, and this involves A LOT of forgiving and mercy (these are the fruits of true believing), then you can ask what you wish from the Father, and it is yours.
My daughter has reviewed an album at and it is very timely as Christmas is around the corner. 

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