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Saravanan Palanisamy's beautiful depiction of Siddhas performing the Yagam on Pournami
Jnana Jyothiamma quotes Paramhamsa Yogivah Giri Ji saying:
"When a receptive devotee associates with an enlightened person their dormant soul forces become aroused, and activated. An enlightened person can also instantly arouse a disciple's soul forces with an intention, word, or gesture regardless of a disciple's history, mental state, state of consciousness, or extent of refinement of their nervous system and brain. An enlightened Guru is always willing to assist a sincere disciple; a disciple however must be willing to be receptive to the help that the Guru provides."
"Truly sincere preparatory efforts (kriyas) produce favorable psychological and physiological conditions that allow authentic spiritual awakening and spiritual growth to rapidly occur."
"Satsang (keeping the company of enlightened souls) is transforming."
Yesterday devotees of Agathiyar gathered at Agathiyar Vanam to worship Annamalaiyar. Agathiyar was decked with fresh garlands leaving only a small portion of his face available. This shows the love of the devotees towards their guru and savior. This event went on air life at

Siddha Heartbeat and Agathiyar Vanam thanks Mrs Santhi Balachandar and Mrs Rajah who took time to prepare the food offerings; Mr Ramu who although had much difficulty walking, came to participate in the Kotu Prathanai; Mr and Mrs Rajah's children who sang the Thevaram and elated us to another level of bliss; Vimala Shanmugam's help in streaming the event; and Mageswari Shanmugam for tirelessly preparing the venue and all needs for the puja at Agathiyar Vanam.

Since Agathiyar's arrival at Agathiyar Vanam on 2 January 2010, many devotees have come by to worship Agathiyar. To all those who participated in these prayers, Siddha Heartbeat and Agathiyar Vanam wishes to put on record its gratitude.

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