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The administrator of, has graciously posted revelations from Lord Murugan and the Siddhas through the Sri Gnanaskandar Jeeva Nadi in possession of his guru, a Skandar Upasagar. Many have benefitted from these readings, which when followed and adhered to, brought immediate change to them. I continue below translations from this blog. I thank the administrator and the Skandar Upasagar for sharing these gems.   

The Skandar Upasanar says the Nadi is a means of communication with God, Devas and the Siddhas. The revelations will be accurate for those devoted to Lord Murugan and the Siddhas and those who are genuine in seeking spiritual upliftment.

The revelations in the Nadi closely follow the movements of the planets and the its effects on a person. The Siddhas disclose remedies accordingly to the effects of the planetary movements. Most of the time they recommend prayers at temples. Generally the seeker is asked to visit certain temples without failure for a certain period of time. At times they reveal about herbs and its usages. For some the mystery of herbs and plants is revealed and its usage made known to them through the Nadi. For others they are taught to worship yantras. Some are dictated to conduct yagams. At other times they reveal mantras and yantra. Some are given mantras to chant. But it all depends on who is supposed to receive them.

The atonement generally is centred around feeding the poor and animals, conducting puja for Siddhas, and praying at Jeeva Samadhis and temples. Whether these atonement achieve what it set out to do is again dependent on the subject and his karma.  How do we know if the lord has accepted our atonement? The Upasagar says a miracle has to take place first. Then the miracle and the happening is confirmed through the Nadi. 

In the Gnanaskandar Nadi the Siddhas give upasanas (a prescribed method for approaching a Deity or God or getting close to a deity/deities - From Wikipedia) too.

The Skandar Upasagar recalls his personal experience with a seeker. He was a doctor and wanted an appointment to read the Nadi. The Upasagar explained to him how the Nadi works and ask that he be patient. 

Once the Upasagar who was a frequent visitor at the famed Utthumalai Murugan temple in Salem was approached by a young man. He introduced himself as the doctor who had tirelessly been calling him for an appointment the past six months. He adds that he had not been to this temple earlier. His friend had invited him along. The Upasagar asked him to contact him in two days time. 

On the day of reading, the revelations came streaming as flood waters. What surprised them was that Agathiyar revealed his past connection with the doctor in the reading. Agathiyar revealed why the doctor was not called for a reading much earlier too. The doctor was given certain atonements or parikaram to perform.

After four months the doctor came for a reading again. Lord Murugan and Agathiyar disclosed to him that only with upasanas, japam and tavam can the link to the spiritual lineage be reconnected. Soon the doctor's life slowly changed and improved for the better.

The Skandar Upasagar advises us to turn to worship of God and the Siddhas and he assures us life will start to bloom. He ask that seekers be patient as the Nadi has to be read at the read moment for a favorable reading and favorable results to take place. He advises us to set our minds on how to go about carrying out the atonement and to follow the advise given and not to investigate how the reading is done. 

What should happen and when it takes place is determined by God’ law, nature's law and law of karma. Upon seeking a reading, the seekers karma is revealed, on the outset, so that one can take the necessary measures to correct and remedy the wrongs he had done. Only after that can he see the benefits and all other pleasures of life that he is destined to experience, come his way. Then the most compassionate Lord Murugan and the Siddhas go to the extent of remedying or changing one's horoscope if there is a need for it.

Sri Velayudham Karthikeyan Aiya, author of the blog, Siththan Arul, at, has summarized the high points and what we need to know about the Nadi and the workings of karma and how the Siddhas can help change one's fate or destiny. The Jeeva Nadi revelations were made to his friend, the Jeeva Nadi guru of Chennai, by Agathiyar through the Jeeva Nadi in his possession.

Agathiyar always ask that his subjects have faith and be patient; in getting to see the Nadi and to see the results and changes take place. Apart from carrying out atonement or parikarams, one has to continue doing good and not give up. Agathiyar ask us to look out for every possible way to help others, be it in kind or cash.

Agathiyar reveals the mysteries and intricacies of dealing with one's karma. The process of reevaluating and reassigning one's karma is difficult and lengthy. Generally Agathiyar does not give a commitment unless the seeker comes with faith and belief. The most compassionate father Agathiyar goes all the way out to help his subjects. He seeks to know the future of his subjects from Lord Brahma and with the lord's permission sets out to bring changes in their lives. But Agathiyar adds that at times it is an uphill battle and that it might take some time to bring these changes. Lord Brahma might not relent. If Lord Brahma refuses to budge Agathiyar will then have to find ways to coerce and get the lord to surcumb to his wish. If Lord Brahma accepts Agathiyar's petition, the devotee's wishes are immediately granted. Agathiyar does not turn anyone away bluntly but will work on their karma in a subtle way, behind the screen. The seeker need only to approach him, seek refuge with Agathiyar, have faith and be patient. Agathiyar says when he ask a person to wait, it only means that he is battling with Lord Brahma to give in to his devotees wishes. In a day, there are easily a 1000 people seeking Agathiyar to change their fate and destiny. Although Agathiyar sincerely wants to help all of them, Agathiyar too has lots of other engagements. He has to meditate, carry out God's dictates, and attend to his job and responsibilities. Hence Agathiyar ask that his devotees be patient.

It is wrong to expect results immediately after carrying out the atonement or parikaram. Some might see the results immediately because of their huge store of good merits or punyam. To others there might be a long delay. Here too one has to be patient and have lots of faith. Agathiyar sternly warns us to keep away from crooked ways for no one can escape the upper arm of karma and its ever just laws. Its God's dictates too. Agathiyar is a guide. He will attend to certain matters directly while in other cases he would act behind the stage. If what is mentioned by Agathiyar does not take place, it only means that fate and destiny hasn't given in to the subject's wishes. The fault lies with the subjects and not Agathiyar. Its only reasonable to ask to have devotion, faith and believe on Agathiyar first even before seeking his words and advice in the Nadi.

According to the Jeeva Nadi Guru of Chennai in his writings and what was passed on to Sri Velayudham Karthikeyan Aiya, there have been instances where the Nadi was brought to the homes of devotees, out of the norms, and Agathiyar gracefully granted the devotee a reading because of their past devotion and faith on the Siddhas.

The Skanda Upasagar adds that one cannot expect to hear what he wants through the Nadi but instead he shall only hear what Lord Murugan and the Siddhas want him to hear. They even let us know when the next reading will be done. But until then what has been delivered has to be followed or fulfilled first. On the next date, they shall reveal more secrets. Another date will be given. This will go on. If what is told in the Nadi is followed diligently one shall be shown further the mysterious workings of the Nadi, karma and the Siddhas.

The Skandar Upasagar mentions a case that came before him. This time, Lord Murugan asked Agathiyar to address a rich couple who came for a reading, as they had built temples for Agathiyar and worshiped him too. The couple had been to the said Agathiyar temple and as they were receiving the prasad, an elderly man who was reading a magazine came over to them, passed the magazine to them and left without saying a word. It was a copy of the THIRUVARUL SAKTHI magazine.They kept the copy without much ado for a month without even flipping through. When their problems arose they began to take a look at the magazine. They read the revelations from the Sri Gnanaskandar Jeeva Nadi written by Skandar Upasagar that was published in the magazine. At the same time, a friend too had mentioned about the Jeeva Nadi. Taking heed of the signs they came in search of the Upasagar.

The wealthy businessman had lost a huge sum of money to a client who did not acknowledge delivery of his products and refuted ever having received the goods. The couple were considering whether to live or end their lives.

The couple were given some specific instructions and told to wait for the results. After two months they came back but not for a reading. They were there to relate what had taken place. They had followed what Agathiyar dictated including several libation or abhisegam for deities in temples in the last reading. On completion of the said rituals, he immediately received a call. His client apologized for a mistake that was done unintentionally and told the businessman that they had deposited half the said amount into his account and shall settle the rest in a month's time. When the call ended he received a message that the amount had been credited into his account.

A young man who ran a private school came for a reading. The lad who expected to listen to an hour of revelation was disappointed with a short message from Lord Murugan, asking him to go to Vallimalai. Seeing his disappointment, a request was put to Lord Murugan again. The lord continued asking the lad to feed a dog. All his past karmas will be resolved by this action of his, added the lord. After a few days he called to invite the Skandar Upasagar to accompany him to Vallimalai too. The lad insisted that the Upasagar follow him. At the temple grounds a dog turned up and the lad fed him. They continued their journey up the hill, had a darshan of the lord and returned home.

After a few months he came back for a reading. Soon he was married too. The newly married couple turned up again to get Lord Murugan's blessings. The lad came again later and was asked to visit a temple. The couple had a child. He has been successful in his career and continues to build more schools.

The following episode illustrates clearly that its only with God's grace and the Siddhas compassion that karma can be changed. A computer engineering student who was jobless, had been patiently waiting for an appointment to see the Jeeva Nadi for four years. Besides being unemployed, he had other problems too. Although faced with many difficulties, he would visit the Gnanaskandar Moorthy temple every Amavasai without failure. In four years he had witnessed 48 Amavasai puja carried out at the temple. Lord Murugan decided to help him. During the Thaipusam festival, among 700 devotees who had gathered for the festivities, the lord chose to read out his Nadi. The karma kaandam was read. It was a long rendition.

He had in his younger days destroyed a temple and a statue of Karupanna Samy. The reason he brought down the temple was because he disagreed with his brother who wanted to sacrifice and slaughter a goat at the temple. As this lad was compassionate towards animals an argument started between the brothers. The brother insisted that he wanted to continue the family tradition of sacrificing animals for the deity. The argument went out of control and the lad brought down the statue and the shrine.

Soon the father past away, and he moved away from the village to Chennai. Just as he brought down the temple and the statue, his home too was falling apart. He was directed to refurbish the temple. He was asked to visit certain temples too. He was told only then shall his life improve. 

The Skandar Upasagar warns us that as it is the past karma has not been resolved yet for most of us, so we need to be cautious about creating fresh and new karma.

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