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Painting courtesy of Saravanan Palanisamy & Siththan Arul
Jnana Jyothiamma wanted to have a Nadi reading for some time now. She remembers vividly her very first Jeeva Nadi reading at Kallar ashram in 2011, although the transcript of her Nadi that Mataji Sarojini Ammaiyar wrote down, went missing mysteriously. Her wish eventually came true when she was summoned for a reading recently. On October 15, 2014 she surprises me with news of her sudden reading of the Jeeva Nadi. On October 13th she was blessed with an amazing five hour Jeeva Nadi reading, with Nadi Nool Aasan Selvam and subsequently another two readings on November 18th. 
Dear Shan,

I had a five and a half hour non stop Jeeva Nadi ( 3 bundles ) reading yesterday .. with 15 mins gap in between ... where Agathiyan and Vallalar were in full force and form.

You know all through Agathiyan has been consistently repeating that I do not need a Nadi reading. But deep within me, I felt, I wanted to hear from him ... one last time, certain matters that is within me. So I prayed to him everyday to grant my wish. For a very long time, I had been praying to daddy (Agathiyar) that I wanted to ascertain the following from him. I wanted to know what all I was seeing, hearing, witnessing and the happenings are all real .. and not just a figment of my imagination. Something is telling me somethings always .. so many things .. can I act according to that voice? Is it my imagination? Or my possessiveness and deep obsession with Agathiyan, that ... may be my thoughts and happenings are all wrong ... I wanted to know these from daddy (Agathiyan). As these may require lengthy explanation, I prayed to daddy to give me a Nadi reading and clear my heart.
Suddenly Selvam called me on Monday and asked me if I could make it over to his place on Tuesday as Agathiyan wants to talk to me ....  and further added that although my health was not good enough to travel, but told him (Selvam) to tell me not to worry as he (Agathiyan) would take care and that my personal presence was necessary.

So I went to his place. Selvam greeted me and will tell you in a nutshell ... on his table I saw three bundles. He said ... one jeeva nadi ... he had separated into three bundles ... each to be read at a particular hora ... and showed me a bundle which was a little small in length but a thick one and pointing that to me .. Ayya had asked him to read that at 1pm sharp .... surya hora.

The first lengthy one was started ... daddy came after worshiping Lord Shiva ... and he told me ... first sentence .... "Amma, I am Agathiyan talking to you. I heard your sincere prayers. I was waiting for the right day and time. I also have many things to tell you."

Selvam started reading to me the first bundle, wherein Agathiyan tells me all about my parents and their ancestors birth, the reason for me being born to them and about my husband. He mentioned in detail about all my siblings ... their names and where they all are stationed currently and my relationship .... and why I am the way I am. That was for almost an hour and a half.

He then stopped for 15 minutes and both of us some water to drink ... by that time it was 1 pm, and he took out that specific bundle what Agathiyan had asked him to read during Surya Hora.

In this, Agathiyan answered all my questions, what I had been harboring in my mind for a long time.

Next month, I have to do a massive ritual for Agathiyan and the 18 Siddhas ... he specially mentioned ... "For me (Agathiyan) and the 18 Siddhas".. (dad did not say 17 Siddhas and myself ... lot to understand from this Shan).

For this simultaneous instructions in my reading was given to Selvam too, that, he should conduct it in my presence in the same room where this Nadi reading is being read and dad mentioned the date too, when it should be conducted and specifically told me that "Lord Murugan, Lord Shivan, all the 18 Siddhas and I (Agathiyan) will be present there .... this a very major and an important one for you amma."

Sodasa Siddhar Pooja is Sushmna Pooja.

The 18 Siddhas are to be Invoked through their Respective Chuvadis (as mentioned by Agathiyan) .. and through Agathiyan

That is the reason why the Libation is done for Agathiyan and Shakthi, before the start of the Sodasa Pooja ... as Agathiyan's and Shakhti's grace are required before the start of Sodasa Siddhar Pooja.

This is an very important aspect to note ........ It is that not that 16 items are required for libation to Agathiyan ... (only a few items are required) ....... but 16 items mentioned by Agathiyan are required for the invocation of the 18 Siddhas.

This Sodasa Siddha Pooja should be concluded by Vallai Pooja.

Agathiyan says ... This is the manner how Sodasa Siddhar Pooja are performed by the Siddhas.

It is basically a ritual done by the Siddhas.

Shan ... a compassion of a father that has no bounds and no boundaries.

So this is just 30% what I able to tell you. May be later, I may get permission to reveal the remaining.

Now, the third bundle ... it is completely about my son.

Dad (Agathiyan) had given the Siddha pooja date for me as December 25th 2014.

Selvam had explained beautifully the Siddha pooja ... and how we gonna conduct it ..... I appreciated him a lot and blessed him.

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