Wednesday, 31 December 2014


Watch the 5.05th minute.

Watch the 0.46th and 0.59th minute.

If earlier Agathiyar at Agathiyar Vanam had been used extensively in publications and billboards as seen at, he has now been pushed to the heights of fame in the above videos.


  1. Sir,

    Thank you for the photos. Today being 1/1/2015, Thursday, i could not go to Agathiyar Kovil due to ill health. I was a bit down mentally. After seeing your photos, i felt agathiyar guru has graced me at my home. thank you so much. Some time in siththan arul, i may use these photos for some articles. Please, let me have your permission.

  2. Dear friend,

    Thank you for posting these. You site has led me to this very Agastya statue for my home, and I am very grateful for all of your sharing. I live in the US, and am trying to find a place I can order clothes like I have found you dressing Agastya in here. Can you share a link or reference? Thank you.


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