Saturday, 20 December 2014


Many extraordinary experiences had taken place while treading the path of the Siddhas. Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal did not give me even a minute to wait around and digest the miracles that took place each time he brought me some place. He did not speak about it either. He used to rush me out of the venue saying that "they will show only a moment." But that moment however short, was sufficient. He saved me from clinging on to those moments.

When Tavayogi blessed my family, friends and me by stepping into our home for the very first time, I was excited and carried away. I was on cloud nine. But he shot me down and I landed flat on my face. He told me that he was an ordinary person, that I drop looking towards him as saintly person or Swami. He asked me to come out of this world of illusion. He saved me from being caught in this web of illusion.

When I asked to see Agathiyar and Ramalinga Adigal, he turned to me with another question. He asked if that was sufficient, and whether I would settle for it. Instead he told me what I should ask for.

Ram Dass too has spoken this extreme truth regarding the need to move on without holding on to extraordinary experiences on the spiritual path at He even suggests ways to not to be caught in this web of illusion.

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