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I first came to know about Ramalinga Adigal in the 1990's by listening to his songs on an audio tape handed over to me by my colleague. Another colleague had given him the cassette. I loved it the moment I heard those songs. It was Ramalinga Adigal's THIRUARUTPA. Then the search began. I searched the net, bookstores and frequented ashrams and peedhams wanting to know more about the saint. I was 'hungry' for information on Ramalinga Adigal. 

I purchased the complete volume of Ramalinga Adigal's THIRUARUTPA, two large volumes painstakingly compiled by Ooran Adigal for the Samarasa Sanmarga Aaraichi Nilaiyam in Vadalur. Initially I did not understand and hence did not know the value of  the saints works but later it dawn on me that what I had in my hands was a treasure house. 

When Ooran Adigal was in Malaysia to jointly officiate the 1st World Conference on Siddha Principles with Tavayogi Thangarasn Adigal, I had the privilege to attend to Ooran Adigal and Dr. T.N. Ganapathy among others. I managed to get his autograph on my copy of the THIRUARUTPA.

The saint brings us from ignorance to enlightenment step by step through these songs that emerged from the heart and soul. The saint penned down his experiences for progeny to learn, cherish and share. 

In the beginning he begs the Lord to show some clemency. He begs of the Lord to 'open the door'. He ends his prayers with the phrase 'Sivane Kathavai Thire.' 

After enlightenment he burst in joy asking to announce to the world his achievements by the grace of the Lord. He ends his prayers with the phrase 'Uttothu Sange.'

Read further a digitized version of Ooran Adigal's publication of this gem that has been handed over to us at

I have picked up severals gems among the others and compiled and made them available at

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