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Some time back some devotees came to Kallar ashram after having read the Sri Gnanaskandar Jeeva Nadi in Coimbatore. In that reading by a Skandar Upasagar, Lord Murugan revealed about Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal and his ashram at Kallar. The devotees were directed to Kallar to receive Agathiyar and Tavayogi’s blessings. The devotees brought a recording of the reading which was later uploaded at the Kallar website at https://soundcloud.com/kalyanakumar1985/gnana-skanthar-naadi-speaks by Kalyanakumar Veerapandiyan. I used the recording in a video as seen at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xeo-XoWV2JA#t=41

Recently Stalin and Kalyanakumar Veerapandiyan shared a link on fb that carries true stories of devotees who came for a reading with the Skandar Upasagar. I share below some translations of the many wonderful revelations made by Lord Murugan to seekers through the Sri Gnanaskandar Jeeva Nadi.

The administrator of the above blog kaumarapayanam mentions that his guru, a Skandar Upasagar, had been gifted with the Sri Gnaaskandar Jeeva Nadi. The revelations had earlier been carried in the monthly magazine TIRUVARUL SAKTI. 

The blog administrator of kaumarapayanam mentions the particular reading that brought devotees to Kallar too.

அதிசய கல்லார் ஆசிரமம் !

ஸ்ரீ ஞானஸ்கந்தமூர்தியின் அருளாசியால் திரு. கார்த்திக் என்பவருக்கு ஜீவநாடியில் கல்லார் ஆசிரமம் மற்றும் அங்கு இருக்கும் அதிசயங்கள் பற்றி தெளிவாக கூறப்பட்டுள்ளது. ஆனால் ஜீவநாடி படிக்கும் ஸ்கந்த உபாசகருக்கோ கல்லார் ஆசிரமம் பற்றி எந்த தகவலும் தெரியாது.

எனவே நமது ஞானஸ்கந்த மூர்த்தியின் ஜீவநாடியை நம்பிக்கையுடன் கேட்க வருபவர்களுக்கு அவர்களுடைய வாழ்வு வசந்த காலமாக மாறும் என்பதை கிழே இணைக்கப்பட்டுள்ள வீடியோ பதிவு தக்க சான்றாகும்.

And he gave a link to the above said video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xeo-XoWV2JA#t=41

திங்கள், 8 டிசம்பர், 2014
வலைப்பதிவு வாசகர்களுக்கு ... கீழே உள்ள பதிவுகளில் நமதுஸ்ரீஞானஸ்கந்தர்ஜீவநாடி பற்றிய செய்திகள் இடம்பெற்றுள்ளது. 

Below are more translations of postings from kaumarapayanam.

An astonishing true story pertaining to a Nadi revelation told some 36 years back by the former Adhina Kartha Srilasri Somasundara Desigar of the Madurai Adhinam shocks us. The story goes .. 

A man journeyed from Madurai to Tanjore to have his Nadi read. His Nadi leaf was located. The Nadi was read. In the midst of the reading it ended abruptly. The Nadi leaves that should carry the continuation of the revelation was not found. The Nadi reader who was equally puzzled, referred the man to his younger brother who had possession of the rests of the Nadi leaves that were partitioned between them earlier. The Nadi reader suggested the man seek out his brother at Thiruvanandhapuram in Kerala and see if the continuation of the reading was available in the Nadi in his brother’s possession. 

The man left for Thiruvanandhapuram with a friend. Unfortunately he is killed in a road accident while his friend survives. The friend who survived the accident was keen to know what was left out from the reading. The friend located the younger brother of the Nadi reader and explained what had taken place and passed the Nadi from Tanjore to him.

The brother located the remaining leaf. Surprisingly there was only a single leaf and it carried a disturbing, single message, 'மலையாள தேசஞ்சென்று மரணத்தில் ஏகுவானே" which meant he shall travel to Kerala and meet with death!

In this Jeeva Nadi, the Siddhas reveal accordingly to the seeker’s temperament, through words that appear and are visible to the reader or through inner sensations. An extensive explanation of the Jeeva Nadi and how it works is given. The secrets of the Sri Gnanaskandar Jeeva Nadi is revealed. 

Man is keen to know his future. Among the many means to tap into the future and make predictions, is the Jeeva Nadi. Many come for a solution to their life's problems. Some come out of fear for the future. Others out of curiosity. To determine a solution to life’s problems, the merits of a person is taken into account. In event the Nadi reader is unable to make a prediction, it is not because of the inability of the reader but rather the karma of the seeker that comes into the way. The Siddhas recommend ways to counter one’s karma. For instance, God provides certain solutions through certain people. He expects the seeker to meet the person, patiently learn from him and follow as dictated and hence counter his karma. Changes will follow in his life.

Coming to a Nadi reader with the expectation of receiving remedies, achieving immediate results or expecting changes to happen overnight, will only lead to disappointment. People lack patience, expecting their lives to be transformed magically and overnight. For miracles to take place, one needs to have a huge store of much good merits gathered over the past births.

Astrology is a science that captures the past karma of a person and mirrors it. Besides having access to the subject’s case history, the reader is cautioned to mention only certain relavent matters at that particular time. 

Many have asked me if the Nadi reader is genuine? The blog kaumarapayanam answers the question. Only with God’s grace can one expect to have a good reading. Otherwise they end up disappointed and call it all a hoax. The blog goes on to explain the intricacies of astrology and the various forms of Nadi. The blog carries experiences of the Skandar Upasagar who is the author of the series on the Gnanaskandar Jeeva Nadi carried in the TIRUVARUL SAKTI magazine. The Skandar Upasagar goes on to narrate episodes from his 14 years of involvement with the Gnanaskandar Jeeva Nadi.

When one comes to the Jeeva Nadi reader, everything about his past, present and future is made known to the reader. 

The Skandar Upasagar explains to whom this gift of Nadi reading will come naturally. He speaks about the magnificence of his guru. Once a thorn of the lime tree pricked his finger, while he was plucking the fruit for his guru. That night, during the Arulvakku session to his astonishment his guru asked him if it hurt much. He adds that the guru spoke through him on many occasions in the past. The Skandar Upasagar's spiritual service began at the age of 16 with the gift of the Gnanaskandar Jeeva Nadi. 

Sri Gnanaskandamurthy Swami. Photo courtesy of kaumarapayanam
The Skandar Upasagar reveals amazing facts about the Jeeva Nadi. When the Nadi is left at the feet of Lord Murugan (Sri Gnanaskandamurthy) on Amavasai, the lord will reveal who will come in search of the Nadi reading that month. People will turn up just as told. The lord will dictate whom to read for and these people will turn up for a reading. For instance, the Skandar Upasagar writes about a incident on a particular Amavasai. After prayers and annadhanam, as the Nadi reader and the folks who turned up hoping for a reading gathered around, Lord Murugan in the Sri Gnanaskandar Jeeva Nadi mentioned a birth star. Only one girl was of that birth star, hence she was the only one the lord blessed with a reading that day. The girl who had kidney stones had consulted many doctors and had undergone various forms of medical treatment but the stones kept forming every two months once giving her much physical pain and mental torment. The lord gave a simple solution. The lord asked her to switch to another source of water as she was allergic to it. She fixed a water filter and consumed other herbs that Lord Murugan mentioned. She has since recovered.

After completing his Diploma, a lad had come for a reading and was told to continue his studies. After pursuing his degree and on completion, disappointed that he had yet to land in a job, he came to the Skandar Upasagar. The unemployed B.E. graduate came seeking the Gnanaskandar Jeeva Nadi to known about his career. In the reading it was revealed that he would teach. The lad laughed as he did not the least have a liking for that profession. Neither did he have the thought to marry as yet, when mentioned by Lord Murugan. He was troubled further hearing the outcome of the reading. He was asked to seek a teaching profession, then to get married, after that he was told that he would land a permanent job. The lad was told to refrain from doing his own business. He was ask to carry out atonement (parikaram) and offer prayers at certain temples too. Although he found it hard to believe, the lad did as told. He got a job in a private college that offered him a miserable pay. But as he was to carry out the teaching profession as a service, as mentioned in the Nadi, he accepted it. After a year into his teaching job, his pay was increased. Soon he was married to a relative of his too.

Having the Jeeva Nadi in one’s possession is akin to walking on a sword, says the Skandar Upasagar. Before he engaged in writing the series for the magazine he had to seek Lord Murugan and the Siddha’s blessings and permission. 

The Nadi Upasagar has some advise for those seeking the Nadi. Those who have faith on Lord Murugan and the Siddhas will see the fruits of the reading. Those who do not have faith and devotion, those who put on a show and and come for the sake of testing the efficacy of the Nadi, are not provided a reading or will be disappointed. The seeker is asked not to ridicule the Nadi as he could end up with curse (sabam). In event they decide to go for another reading elsewhere, the reading would not be to their satisfaction. The seekers are requested to give the Nadi readers their dues for the reading too.

The Skandar Upasagar expresses how the words appear in the Nadi too. Most of the time the letters appear and disappear although at times its not easy to read. At times only diagrams are depicted and while at other moments the letters keep appearing continuously in a stream. How the message appears, is read and conveyed, depends on the karma of the subject at that moment.

The Skandar Upasagar mentions an episode of how his close friend came for a reading. Having started a joint venture in a business with someone else, his friend ended up going through a bad period and wanted to know why it was all happening. 

Upon asking for permission from Lord Murugan for a reading, the lord asked him to come another day. 

On the appointed day of reading, the Nadi exposed what was going on in his circle, and asked that he chant Pamban Swamigal's Shanmuga Kavasam and to pay his respects to Lord Bhairavar. His friend did as told. But after eight days, his problems became even bigger. A building at his rice mill got burned down. He came back to consult the Nadi. Lord Murugan gave him a solution. He was to engage the services of a particular Sivachariar and conduct a yagam in the grounds of the mill. His four dogs were to be served food on banana leaves too. 

Immediately after his friend had finished these rituals, a man appeared with 10 of the locals to lodge a complaint. The man was enraged that the mill owner’s dogs had attacked and eaten his goats. He asked for compensation. After settling the case amicably, the mill owner was even more disturbed by the chain of bad events and came for another reading. Lord Murugan explained what had taken place. Lord Bhairavar in the form of the dogs had avenged the wrongful act of the victim. The man was the cause of all the problems faced by the mill owner. Lord Murugan stopped at that and refused to reveal further. The mill owner recovered from his loses and eventually engaged himself in worship.

Another friend of the Skandar Upasagar had engaged a shaman to help him with his problems. The shaman conducted a massive puja and on completion of the rituals, removed a chicken leg and a copper foil engraved with his friend's name and the word 'death' written on it, from inside the ceremonial coconut. The shaman assured him that all his problems were solved and got a hefty amount as payment for the rituals and saving his friend.

When his friend related this episode to the Skandar Upasagar, he became suspicious and consulted the Nadi. Lord Murugan exposes the shaman as a fraud and that he had inserted the objects into the coconut himself, to have his friend belief him.


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