Saturday, 24 March 2018


Pothihai Tharma Chakkram helped distribute food to the hungry in the city yesterday.

Meanwhile Dr Jana visited the home and treated a person needing followup medical attention and financial assistance. He was referred to us by a doctor who saw and treated his eyesight and brought his condition to our attention.

Although these deeds are very minute in nature but it brings great joy and satisfaction in helping others.

We shaved my seven month old granddaughter's head bald at Batu Caves this morning. Taking this opportunity to distribute food to the devotees at the temple, we prepared and packed some food to take along.

Just as I was bringing the freshly fried noodles to the car, the garbage truck came along. We passed some food parcels and bottled drinking water to these great souls who served to keep our neighborhood clean and disease free by their periodic collection of household trash. It brought instantaneous joy in seeing the smiles on their faces.

Once at the temple grounds we fed the birds and fishes too. Suren joined us in prayer and doing charity. While coming down the steps of Batu Caves Murugan temple, I receive a call from the Rajah family who were on their way to distribute food parcels to the hungry in Kajang town. Beautiful thought and deed!

When I returned from the mini mart after purchasing some groceries, I had two 10kg packets of rice with me. As I parked the car, the foreigners who were contracted to clean the drains were taking a break in the shade of the trees. I asked if they wanted a packet. They did not mind carrying it all the way to their rented premises some 2.4 kms away. Soon each time I purchase rice for the family I get an extra packet to donate. These small acts of charity brought immense joy and happiness to me. I understood that although I could not possibly change their fate, but a small contribution can go a long way in reducing their burden.

The idea in sharing these acts is to give simple ideas to others who have an intent to give but do not know where to start and not to boost the individual ego.

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