Monday, 5 March 2018


Imagine if Ramalinga Swamigal had not shared his experience. Imagine if Manikavasagar had copyrighted his Thiruvasagam. Imagine if all the saints had hidden their discoveries from the public. It is only when they came public that we have come to benefit too. 

When I came to this path there was not much material available to the public. Whatever writings on the Siddhas were in Tamil. It was difficult to comprehend the contents. I began to compile hymns on the Siddhas for my own personal prayers including a transliteration for non Tamil speaking devotees at AVM. Soon I posted them online. Today I am told that these compilations are used in many homes and temples too. I am grateful that I was given an opportunity to contribute towards the public by filling the void. 

What started as a portal to share my experience during my maiden pilgrimage to India soon included the mysterious and mystical journey I was taken on by Agathiyar, Supramania Swami and Tavayogi. I shared the wonderful moments I had with them including my Nadi readings and those at AVM too, again in English, something that was lacking on the net. Many readers wrote in to appreciate my contribution. I am grateful that I was given an opportunity to contribute towards the public by filling the void.

Then Agathiyar shows me Bala Chandran who goes on to bring his friends and relatives to AVM, and starts a group Thondu Seivom to serve the public.

When Bala Chandran and Vinthamaray took the role of master of ceremony during the recent Agathiyar Geetham audio CD launch, they thanked me for opening my home to them bringing the worship of Agathiyar to their fold. Agathiyar came to my home bringing me to conduct rituals like lighting the homam and performing libation or abhisegam. These rituals were observed and taken back to the homes of devotees. I am grateful that I was given an opportunity to contribute towards the public by filling the void.

Then again Agathiyar brings another soul full of energy to AVM. Sri Krishna and his wife bring their AUM and ideas along. Soon they initiate the Pothigai Meals on Wheels programme to feed the homeless. Lord Muruga renamed this programme as Pothihai Tharma Chakkram in a recent Nadi reading roping in AVM and Sri Agathiyar Arul Nyana Sabai.

Agathiyar brought amazing souls together, professionals in their respective fields, each willing to work and sacrifice for Agathiyar and his mission both in Malaysia and abroad. Siddha Heartbeat and AVM salutes these souls for their contributions towards society and humanity.

I had been asked by Lord Muruga in a recent Jeeva Nadi to build a temple for him. That surprised me because I did not have any desire to build one. I had the opportunity to meet and talk to Rebecca from Australia during our recent Medical Camp. Master Yuvaraj had spoken much about her to me. It was an honor meeting her. Based on the things I had heard about her and her spiritual journey I opened the subject to her seeking her opinion. I told her that I did not desire to build one explaining the reasons for it too. She listened to my reasons and then on the contrary told me to do it. She told me it was not a question of my desire but theirs. She also told me that the temple was not for me but for others.

Ironically her advise and reason to encourage me was exactly what Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal had told me many years ago. When Tavayogi told me he wanted to build an ashram cum temple in Kallar I questioned myself the necessity for venturing into something that was going to be time consuming and costly and was going to drain the existing limited funds and resources. Then the question of having to maintain the facilities would arise. Anyway he had arrived in Kallar to go into samadhi after having seen most of India seeking the Siddhas and their samadhis. Why would he want to take up this venture now disrupting and moving away from his original desire? Tavayogi answered me in a single statement that it was not for him but for others. 

To another request by Lord Muruga that I step aside and allow others to fall at my feet, something I had always disliked and apprehended others from doing, again Rebecca asked that I allow it. 

Both Tavayogi and Rebecca and Lord Muruga made me realise that to allow or not to allow would mean that I had an opinion about the matter. Instead to just allow things to happen would mean that I was not involved with the decision making process. GK too told me if I held on to my opinion that would suggest I still held on to my ego. By stepping aside and giving way, by just watching, the desires of Erai would take an upper hand. No karma will befall us as we were mere spectators.

Daily we are shown the faces of samaritans and noble souls who take it upon themselves to bring cheer, happiness, joy, hope and life to those in dire straits and lost.

Dr Janar with Dr Sankari had led us on conducting a medical camp at a old folks home some time back. He had visited a childrens home and dispensed medicine too. Recently he initiated us on another Medical Camp, targeting and attending to the public on the streets. Seeing Dr Ramana serve the poor Dr Janar mentioned his wish, "Watching the video, brings tears to me. I only wish Agastiyar grants me the opportunity to serve like that for the rest of my life."

We are slowly learning to emulate them, learning to live for Erai; to serve him; to do his asking. This gives us immense joy. We are shown that when Erai desires to fulfill his mission through us, all channels open up. Things are simplified and easily accomplished. 

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