Tuesday, 13 March 2018


I used to spend hours watching my grand daughter. I used to wonder how does a child see this world. I used to wonder what was going on in her mind. I used to ask her what was she thinking? I used to ask her to share her conversation with Brahma. 

Soon she will begin to observe things and start asking questions. Soon she will begin to observe others and follow too. As she grows up later she would begin to analyse things for herself. As she builds up experience and with the gathered knowledge she would become wiser. The lessons in life will serve to guide her further, helping her make wise decisions. This is part of their growth and development.

This applies in the spiritual field too. As a child we are shown an image or picture and told that that is Erai by our parents. We are taught to recite, chant and sing and perform simple rituals and methods of worship. As an adult the choice is then ours whether to follow the tradition of our ancestors or otherwise. When doubts regarding these practices arise we seek those we think can help us with the answers. These gurus put us on practices that would help towards making us realize Erai. We gain experience and with the accumulated knowledge we slowly move towards spiritual advancement. All these depends on our continuous efforts towards enriching our spiritual life. 

Many have asked us what have we gained or derived from worship of the Siddhas. Sadly many long time devotees on the path of the Siddhas turned to us to voice out their dissatisfaction and complain that they never had their material desires fulfilled, even after doing so much for the Siddhas and society. We are sadden to see them expect something they desire in return. There must come a time when people should come to stop expecting rewards for their efforts. 

I and many others in the AVM circle stumbled upon the Siddhas. We were neither religious nor spiritual. We came to the path without any idea and not knowing where we are heading. We came without any expectation. We came to know Erai. We were told that the Siddhas could lead us to Erai. 

Tavayogi says our efforts is only two steps till the Svadhishthana. From there on Erai would lead us on. True to his words we at AVM are seeing this happening within our circle. By listening and following their dictates, we have earned the blessings of the Siddhas. The Siddhas have now taken each of us by the hand and are moulding us in an appropriate way and a way best suited to the temperament and development of each person, sometimes working beyond norms, even making exceptions and breaking and bending the rules. We have come to realize that once we have earned their respect, they open the gates to heaven and paradise. They shower us with joy, bliss, and all the good things in life. Today we are blessed to be in the folds and shadows of the Siddhas. We are blessed to receive many revelations into the workings of the Siddhas and Prapanjam. We have come to know Erai.

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