Thursday, 15 March 2018


Much has been said about the coming of the Siddha Era. We have been getting hints from Agathiyar but Lord Muruga finally reveals how they have been preparing for it; how it is going to be; and what is going to take place. 

Lord Muruga says the Siddhas and Mahaans had time and again come to Malaya and present day Malaysia. They have appointed and placed Agathiyar in strategic locations and all directions. The coming of Agathiyar is the start of the Jnana Siddhar Yugam or Era. If earlier he told us that both Agathiyar and Lord Murugan shall be born as our children and grandchildren, a generation of highly evolved souls taking birth again, now he reveals that he has appointed his representatives in numerous places to lead and do his job. They shall play their lilas through these chosen ones. Amazing.

Lord Muruga also talks about the auspiciousness of the Agathiyar in the Carey Island where we did libation or abhisegam for him recently. See Agathiyar was installed some 80 years ago at this temple. This image of Agathiyar who holds the Suvadi or inscriptions on dried palm leaves and Yezhutaani or writing tool, depicts that of Jnana. He is in the state and form of Mouna Guru. He is the giver of Jnana. He communicates in silence. He is waiting to remove our Karma. By the mere mention of his name at this place, all of creation will turn towards his direction. By worshiping here the heart shall melt and change will take place in people. They will come into Jnana. Lord Muruga encourages us to garland him with yellow flowers, his favourite color.

After returning from the island, GK who participated in the puja had a dream. Lord Muruga had asked for a libation or abhisegam! He reminds GK of his wish that was conveyed through the dream in a Nadi reading yesterday.

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