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Although he had to go through a tough and rough terrain to achieve the status of Tavayogi as we see him today, Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal simplified the path for us. He has made it possible for us to receive the Siddhas blessings easily with our family and friends in the comfort of our homes today. 

When people came to him seeking a solution to their problems Tavayogi would enlighten them that their miseries were all due to their past deeds or vinai or karma. 

If they were willing to listen further he would ask them to pray. Sadly many reply that they have no time for prayers, partly since it involves a concerted effort on their part and a waiting period to see its results. Instead they chose to seek an immediate solution, expecting a miracle cure, amulet or something of that nature. Tavayogi does not dwell into these approaches and practices. They leave.

If they were still there after this and inquire as to who they should pray to, he would ask them to pray to the Siddhas. 

That was how he started us off too into chanting their names. At each Sannadhi, temple, cave or Siddha Samadhi we visited with him, he would initially sing a couple of songs and ask us to recite the Siddhas' names. Soon AVM family continued this tradition whenever we went to these places of worship. 

When he lit sacrificial fires or yagams he would recite their names. When he started me on doing the Homam, a Yagam on a smaller scale, he asked that I recite their names as I fed the fire. 

When Mataji lead the chanting of the Siddhas names at AVM the Siddhas arrived and their presence shook the very ground as revealed by Agathiyar in a subsequent Nadi reading to a devotee.

So did my very first Guru Supramania Swami of Tiruvannamalai lead me on a chant of the name of his Guru Yogi Ramsuratkumar. He brought him back from samadhi in my presence merely by chanting the Yogi's name. The Yogi joined us in chanting his name that was Bhagawan's name bringing us to the realisation that all the saints who have merged with Erai take on Erai's form and name and vice versa. Hence chanting their names is chanting Erai's name; seeing them in the physical form is seeing Erai. 

A lady insisted Bala Chandran to complete chanting the names of the Siddhas even as the temples aids were signalling us to stop, for it was closure time at Bhogar's Samadhi in Palani. We continued and completed the chant as requested without any hindrance although she asked us to speed up the tempo. She blessed us before she sped off, leaving the sannadhi.

Agathiyar has on numerous occasions mentioned his presence and that of the Siddhas at Kallar Ashram during his Jayanthi Vizha.

The Siddhas name itself are mantras, we are told by our Gurus. Today we realise through experience that it is true. We saw that their names itself are magical mantras that open closed doors, remove obstacles and fulfill desires for those who seek material gains. Once we begin chanting their names they stay with us as a force field protecting us from harms way. Health improves. Desires are fulfilled. Divine children take birth in the family. 

For those seeking Jnana, by calling out to them, the Siddhas begin to dictate and teach us practices that increase the life force within us that feeds the soul (Atma Balam). They move the puzzle pieces and the picture slowly takes form before us. We then gain clarity and a new understanding on many matters. Enlightenment begins to take place slowly and at every single moment. Many portals and mystical dimensions in other planes open. The Siddhas hold the keys to these doors. The key or Tiravukol are their names itself. Such is the efficacy of chanting their names. 

Today Lord Muruga reveals that the entire pantheon of Gods and Goddesses were present during the annual puja for Agathiyar at AVM too. 

All these was possible and began with a simple practice - that of chanting of the names of the Siddhas.

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