Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Conversations with Erai

The morning after I arrived at Kallar Ashram for the very first time, as Tavayogi invited me along on his usual morning walk, he suddenly turned to me and said that Agathiyar had come to him the night before. As he went on revealing his conversation with Agathiyar, I could only nod my head as I walked alongside him. Was that possible? Did he come in the physical form? Is this for real? Or is Tavayogi pulling a fast one? These questions went pass by my mind rapidly as I tried to digest what he was saying. That was in 2005.

Moving on to present times Tavayogi came to read the Jeeva Nadi for seekers coming in search of solutions to their problems. When AVM family members came back from Kallar to share their Nadi readings with me, I too wanted to hear what Agathiyar had to say through the Nadi in possession of my Guru.

Although I was blessed to have numerous Nadi readings through Agathiyar's Aasi Kaandam, I yearned to listen to Tavayogi reveal Agathiyar's message for once through the Jeeva Nadi. When Tavayogi came to Malaysia he surprised us by bringing his Nadi with him. As everyone took turns to listen to Agathiyar speak through the Nadi, my wife and I, knowing pretty well that Tavayogi would say that we don't need a reading, laid a plan to approach him on the pretext of having a reading for our daughter. The all knowing intelligence that we address as Agathiyar saw through our plans and on the onset of the reading told us that we had used our child as a reason to hear him speak. He went on to bless and convey his message.

Just days before AVM's annual fest for Agathiyar, Lord Muruga blessed us with a Jeeva Nadi reading. G. Bala Chandran called up Nadi Guru Tharani Balan and arranged a reading for me, knowing that I would not take the effort to do so. The morning of the reading as Tharani Balan Aiya hugged me at the Sri Karpaga Vinayagar Temple after the annual puja for Agathiyar he told me that Agathiyar would speak to me that day. As I sat in front of him later that evening, Lord Muruga appeared in the Nadi and spoke to my family and me. It was an amazing moment for Agathiyar had given way to his Guru to address us. 

As Lord Muruga moved on to mention that he would bring more devotees to AVM, I began to think about the space constrains of my home that already overflowed to the patio during puja. How am I to accommodate more? He surprised me when he immediately asked if I thought that my home would not fit the crowd. He goes on to ask me to build a temple for him. Again I start thinking if the existing temples were not enough. And again he counters my thoughts saying that he was aware of the numerous temples in existence and revealed the reason he wanted me to build one. I realized then that here was I having a conversation with Erai in real time through the medium of the Nadi! Simply unbelievable!

Walking the path of the Siddhas has brought immense joy to us. Although we do not comprehend much of what is happening most of the time but it gives us immense joy in carrying out their dictates to the letter. We are glad we did not remain spectators and pass on disparaging remarks on the Siddhas and their Nadi but came into their fold, held fast to their feet and today are blessed with having conversations with Erai.

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