Sunday, 25 March 2018


The divine is not limited in speech or acts. When a brother of mine suddenly went into a trance and started addressing the Chinese devotees gathered at a temple fest we were stunned. He never knew how to speak or read the language. He never spoke a word in Chinese till then. But it happened in broad daylight, right before our eyes. How was that possible?

When the late Hanumathdasan Aiya voiced out that it was rather difficult to read and comprehend Agathiyar's writings in the Jeeva Nadi in his possession due to the high standard of language used and spoken by Agathiyar, he asked that Agathiyar relay it in the language used in present times. Agathiyar, although voiced concern that Hanumathdasan Aiya was asking him to bring his standard down, but out of compassion for the present generation agreed to come down to the level of understanding of the layman, giving him the revelation in his colloquial language. Hanumathdasan Aiya reveals in his collection of stories based on the Nadi and published as "Nadi Sollum Kathaigal", that Agathiyar continued to appear in the Jeeva Nadi in simple spoken Tamil of the day, after that request was put to him. 

Agathiyar never asked to part with the Nadi or hand it over to another in all his forty plus years of reading the Jeeva Nadi. But there were exceptions. The Nadi had to be giving to a temple priest for keep for several days once. Then again, Hanumathdasan Aiya mentions that Agathiyar made an exception when he asked him to pass the Nadi to a seeker, a Malaysian Tamil who came for a reading. As the Malaysian could not comprehend Tamil, the reading appeared in the Malay language which the Malaysian read and understood for himself! Amazing! So when Lord Muruga while revealing the Nadi chooses to utter a word in English, it comes as no surprise to us.

The realm of the Siddhas has always amazed and intrigued us. We await the day when we can fully comprehend the doings of Erai and the Siddhas.

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