Friday, 16 March 2018


I was brought up to pray to the pantheon of Hindu Gods and Goddesses both at home and in the temples following my parents footsteps. Soon I took the initiative to know the basics of other faiths and religions too.

Then as I began to read more and more I understood Erai to be most compassionate to his creation but in reality I saw people around me suffer. How could a compassionate Erai bring suffering to his children? These and many other questions disturbed me. Thanks to Lord Shiva he came in the nick of time and saved me from turning cuckoo trying to seek answers to these queries. He came in a dream and asked me to pull the brakes on all questions. I stepped aside from all forms of worship for 14 years. Then Agathiyar without my knowing came into my life by passing a mantra and a painting of Lord Dhakshanamurthy and began me on worship of the three aspects of Shakti during Navarathri.

A year later I discovered the existence of the Siddhas through Dr Krishnan and later through my very first Nadi reading. It came as a surprise to me that Agathiyar invited me to his path and instructed me to worship him and the Siddhas. Agathiyar and Avvai were with Lord Muruga in a painting at our altar for years, since the day I could remember.

If prior to my Vanavaasam or self impose exile from all matters religious and spiritual, I took up the study of Hinduism in general, during my post exile period I turned my attention to Siddha writings and literature. Ramalinga Adigal's Tiruarutpa captivated me.

Through the Nadi Agathiyar encouraged me to continue the worship of the Siddhas. Then he arranged for me to meet Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal of Kallar Ashram. I learnt about the Siddhas from him by watching him. With Erai's blessing, Agathiyar's guidance, Supramania Swami's love, Tavayogi's beatings, my perspective of spiritual life changed - molded and shaped by them.

I never gave up rituals and worship as it was the flagship of AVM.

Some casual attendees who dropped by at AVM out of curiosity have asked what did we gain by coming into the worship of the Siddhas quite akin to making a business investment and expecting a hefty profit. 

I let Lord Muruga speak for us.

Recite the names of the Siddhas and all doors, both external and internal, shall unlock! Recite the name of Agathiyar and Lord Muruga and heavens gate opens!

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