Friday, 2 March 2018


All learning has come to a halt after 18 years on the path. Today we at AVM have learned to take one thing at a time. Today we only carry out Agathiyar's instructions. We are clear in our thoughts and mission since there is no confusion as a result of reading numerous spiritual literature. We are clear in our thoughts and mission since there is no confusion too as a result of patronizing or hearing all the spiritual talks by present day gurus. 

Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal showed us Guru Agathiyar  and stepped back to allow us space to grow spiritually. He refrained from holding on to us and clamping us down with doctrines, ideas, spiritual garbage, do's and don'ts, laws and codes of practice. Instead he encouraged our spirits to grow and be free to explore. He has guided us well. 

Listening to the album Agathiyar Geetham we are amazed at the outcome and final product. All we did was to gather together and attempt to write the lyrics. The rest was done by Agathiyar under his watchful eyes at AVM. As one keeps listening to the tracks, he would realize that the lyrics actually portray our spiritual journey beginning with a seeking and a yearning for something out there. Coming to the Siddha path without even an iota of knowledge or understanding of it at all, all we did was have faith in the words of Tavayogi and Agathiyar. We listened to every instruction of theirs. We put into practice all that was said to us. We diligently followed all the rituals, prayers and parikaram stipulated. Today we at AVM have all been uplifted together to another level of understanding. 

Just as the lyrics to the song Ariya Payanam spells out the four stages of spiritual development and its required practices, we too have sailed safely through these stages. Rather then seeing all four stages as distinctive levels of progress we chose to adopt all the practices in it, concurrently.

ஓர் மகனாய் உன்னிடம் வந்தேன் 
சாலோக்கிய நிலை அறிந்தேன் 
சரியை பின் கிரியை உணர்ந்தேன் 
சாமீப்பியமாக நின்றாய் 

யோகத்தால் அமுதம் பரவிட 
சாரூப்பிய படி அடைந்தேன் 
ஞானத்தின் கதவு திறந்திட இனி 
சாயுச்சியம் எந்நாளோ

We came as a seeker to the path of Sariyai, serving both Erai and humanity. AUM and its Pothigai Meals on Wheels which has been renamed Pothihai Tharma Chakram since then, served the purpose of giving annadhanam or feeding the hungry, poor and homeless. So did Thondu Seivom and AVM's Amudha Surabhi that reached out to needy students, inmates of old folks and children's homes, the mentally and physically challenged and contributing towards annadhanam at ashrams.

AVM has served well in bringing together seekers and has been a platform for them to take the rituals that they conduct at AVM into their individual homes. Today AVM family confidently carry out these rituals in their homes and in the temples too, uplifting themselves to the stage of Kriya.

With numerous guidance in the Nadi on Yogic pranayama and asana practices and with guidance from the physical guru and masters delivered by Agathiyar, we have been safely guided to the next stage of Yogam. 

Today we stand before Agathiyar with folded hands silently seeking Gnana that would complete the course and purpose of our lives.

Throughout this journey, we saw Agathiyar in multiple forms. We came to him as a son. We saw him as our parents. We came to see him in creation as we served man and animals alike. We gathered at AUM to prepare food and later distributed them, feeding his creation and appeasing the one foremost need at all times, hunger. We saw him as guru and Erai and served him, cleaning his abode and making him comfortable. We were happy to serve our master and guru. We had taken the very first step into Salokyam.

We took up worship to him, the Siddhas and Erai. We then saw him come down from his majestic abode and stand by us, encouraging us, motivating us, guiding us, helping us, staying with us 24/7, akin to a force field. He became a companion. He came to us as Sameepiyam.

Today he has come to dwell in our homes and our hearts, bringing a drastic change in our perspective and understanding and also a change in the physical form and within, all necessary changes required to take his form. We came to be Saruupiyam.

We now stand before Agathiyar with folded hands silently seeking Gnana that would complete the course and purpose of our lives that is attain mukthi or liberation and merging with him forever. We await Sayutchiyam with eagerness confident that he would deliver us.

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