Saturday, 10 March 2018


Since time immemorial man has searched for answers to his questions on the world around him, creation and its creator. He then went within for answers to his quest. Many scriptures came to be revealed through our forefathers. We have been adopting these teachings to date, modified and diluted through the ages. 

Our forefathers the Siddhas and Lord Muruga have lately been delivering messages and guiding those who would chose to have faith in them through their oracle the Nadi. Their readings and directives are customised to suite each soul or atma. They addressed yearnings and desires of spiritual seekers that included enlightenment, moksha, mukthi and liberation. They also addressed the petty day to day issues brought up by believers. 

When there is so much talk about the approaching Siddhar Yugam or Era, Lord Muruga reveals he and Agathiyar shall take birth in every home. We can imagine the enlightened souls that will soon take a body and walk the face of this earth again. 

The future is very promising. Let us follow the dictates of the Siddhas and Lord Muruga.

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