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When Bakta was about to enter the Sathya Gnana Sabai at Vadalur, he caught sight of the caution statement placed at the entrance to the hall, written on the walls of the temple complex. As he read, "Only those who have renounced meat and murder should enter", he drew back and stood affixed and felt disappointed that he could not enter the divine premises, having come all the way from Malaysia. Then there came an old man limping along and stood in front of him at the entrance to the hall. He looked at Bhakta and told him that he could enter if he took a vow and pronounced that he would refrain from taking meat that instant. Bhakta became a vegetarian that day. Agathiyar reveals later that Nondi Siddhar met him that day and brought the change in him.

When Tavayogi requested me to bring along my family in the evening, the day I met him for the very first time in Malaysia, he offered to give my wife teecha or initiation into Agathiyar's mantra too provided she turned vegetarian. She agreed to instantly and we both received an initiation together with eight others. 

I soon understood that if we are willing to change now, in the present, they are willing to forgive and forget our past too.

It is easier to migrate from this present body to the body of light if we refrain from taking meat. The transformation that one undergoes to achieve the body of light involves expelling all the remnant memories of having taken the meat throughout the ages and our lives. The duration taken in purifying the body is henceforth shortened and there is less suffering during the alimentary and excretory process that takes place in a vegetarian.

Similarly the recital of the names of the Siddhas is in actuality a cleansing and purifying process that  prepares the body for the divine to come and life within. The Guru comes ahead of Erai to do the ground work and prepare the potential body to serve as an abode for Erai to reside and prepare it for a uplifting and energizing experience. He moulds the disciple to receive the grace of Erai.

The grace of the Guru goes beyond births. Agathiyar has revealed to many that their relationship with him was nothing new and that it dates back to several births in the past. He lists out these births to them and the reason to take birth again.

When an AVM family member's sister consulted the Jeeva Nadi read by Tavayogi while in Malaysia, Agathiyar reveals that her Guru in her former birth was asking Agathiyar to help end her sufferings and bring cheer and happiness to her!

Agathiyar brought us into his path. Tavayogi showed us the basics of Siddha worship, stepping aside to let us deal with Agathiyar directly. Soon Agathiyar and other Siddhas guided us further on the rituals and meditation techniques. We brought his worship to other homes of the AVM/ AUM family. Then he brought us out from the confines of our homes and entrusted us to conduct rituals and prayers at temples. We are deeply obliged and blessed to receive these opportunities to serve him.

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