Saturday, 24 March 2018


Agathiyar asked to have his abhisegam or libation at the Adhikumbeshwarar temple in Kumbakonam first before he was flown to Malaysia. Varadaraj of the Bronze Creative in Swamimalai performed it on our behalf after he made Agathiyar's statue in bronze. 

On arrival at our shores we conducted abhisegam with 9 items, the number mentioned by him, during his Guru Puja. Later when Mataji Sarojini Ammaiyar furnished me with a list of abhisegam items and relevant songs totaling 23 in numbers, we opted for 16 based on the availability of the items. 

Hence we carried out abhisegam with 16 items singing the songs pertinent and according to the items used. When Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal of Kallar performed the abhisegam at AVM he rushed through the whole process without interval of any sorts. When I was present at the Agathiyar Ashram at Anuvavi, I noticed Kumarsamy Aiya perform the abhisegam rapidly too without any delay. When he performed the 108 Muligai Abhisegam for Eco City Agathiyar in Malaysia, he did the same too stating that we should not keep the deity waiting, hence the reason for rushing through.

Then when we least expected, Ambal asked for abhisegam at AVM. The divine intervened midway and personally carried out the abhisegam with 3 items namely 1. Kumkum, 2. Sandhanam and 3. Vibhuthi. 

Then Lord Muruga in a Jeeva Nadi reading asked for abhisegam too with 7 items listing it too. 

1. Cooked rice 2. Curd 3. Turmeric powder 4. Tender Coconut water 5. Sesame oil 6. Flour 7. Sandalwood powder

Today the divine surprised me further when Lord Ganapathy asked for the garland I had in my hands. To our surprised he garlanded my granddaughter with another. The florist asked me to get one for each deity. I told him that placing a single garland would encompass the whole pantheon of Gods and Goddesses to which he agreed too, to my surprise. Standing at Lord Ganapathy's sannadhi the priests came up to me and asked if the garland was for Ganapathy. Although I had purchased it to garland Lord Muruga after my climb up to the cave temple at Batu Caves, since the priest raised the question I handed the garland to him. 

We are amazed how the divine is guiding us directly.

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