Sunday, 25 March 2018


I have read far too many spiritual literature and books. I have listened to far too many spiritual talks. I have spoken and debated over petty issues pertaining to the spiritual world far too long. This only brought further confusion and led me into a deeper state of illusion and depression. All that stopped when Lord Shiva came in a dream and asked me to pull the brakes and put all things on hold. It was a 14 year period of hibernation for me. When the time was right he sent his messengers to convey the news and bring me back into the spiritual realm, instructing me this time rather then me searching for things and ideas that would make me look and feel spiritual.

Agathiyar paved the way for me to come to his path through a mantra initiation by my nephew and a year later through the Nadi. He showed me two wonderful Gurus - Supramania Swami of Thiruvannamalai and Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal of Kallar Ashram. While Agathiyar rekindle the fire of devotion in me, Supramania Swami showed me pure, dedicated devotion and tapas towards Erai. Tavayogi showed me the world of the Siddhas. He brought me to do charity, the very first time at his Kallar Ashram in 2005.

When I asked Tavayogi for further direction in 2016 he told me what was there to direct us at AVM for Agathiyar had taken rein of all matters and shall lead us. True to his words, both Agathiyar and Lord Muruga are giving us direction through their Nadi and vision and dreams to certain AVM family members.

This is the moment to go into action, giving life to their directives.

AVM is going through a re-engineering phase. It is going to be a inner circle of devotees who believe in and carry out the two tasks and objectives that both Agathiyar and Murugan assure will lead to sitthi and mukti (liberation). These are dharma and tapas. They have simplified the way and the means to achieve this state that is considered sufficient for this birth.

Hence AVM has begun a drive to encourage seekers to start prayers to the Siddhas if they haven't yet and try to do charity in their locality and whenever they are out. There need not be a plan or a big event. Looking around, opportunities to do charity will be presented. Serve as we go along with our daily routine. That will suffice. Allocate some time from our busy schedule to join both Thondu Seivom and Pothihai Tharma Chakkram who are aggressively engaged in doing charity in the Klang Valley. Amudha Surabhi supports financially, reaching out and distributing funds to both this groups and others towards their feeding and other programes.

Agathiyar Vanam Malaysia, Pothihai Tharma Chakram, Thondu Seivom and Amudha Surabhi is continuously mentioned in the Nadi and both Agathiyar and Lord Muruga are guiding us. The Nadi has become an instrument of communication between us and Erai. We look upon it as the spoken word of Erai. We do not see the messenger but only the message.

Similarly both Agathiyar and Lord Muruga have repeatedly asked us to continue doing charity without looking for reasons to do so. Just keep going they say. The answers will be revealed in due time.

Rather then figuring a way to tackle the whole world and all of its problems we have been directed to be focused on dharma and tapas that would serve as a vehicle for us to move up the ladder of spirituality. We are more focused now. We abide by the Siddhas and their spoken word in the Nadi.

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